Every Baby’s Life Matters!

Every Baby’s Life Matters!
March 10, 2019 No Comments » Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

The liberal push for Abortion on demand was an Obama Care option when Americans were signing up for healthcare. Abortion is more than just a medical procedure it effectively ends a human life. These terms of death are purposely overlooked and pushed in medical terms in relation to healthcare to sidetrack one’s consciousness and way of thinking.  In 2013, former President Obama spoke in a conference about abortion restrictions setting women‘s healthcare back to the 1950s.

The influence of this statement started a huge controversy for the last 6 years on whether or not this is a women’s healthcare issue. Americans must begin to examine health care for women regarding abortion. In recent, weeks we have watched Congress divided on the controversial subject of abortion and women’s rights. In 1960, the FDA approved the first birth control pill and it was widely promoted by Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. American women began a new revolution of solutions perfectly addressing the issues associated with both women’s rights and healthcare. Women have been given free will and the opportunity to take personal responsibility with our lives as American women due to the hard work of the women who came before us in 1960. There has never been a time in history as now that we have known and experienced the true freedoms and success as American women in 2019.

Are women suffering from a missed opportunity in the workplace today, when although every job has requirements it does not include the stipulations of requirements as times before in the 1950s? Those years when women weren’t hired because companies were not allowed to hire women for certain positions and because women did not have the opportunity for the proper education or necessary training to learn the job. These became the real difficult issues women faced during world war two.

Men were off to war and women had to work and provide for themselves and their children. Americans already know looking back through history these really difficult issues were met with resolutions. Women began to change as time began to change they no longer wanted to be the mothers and housewives as they did in the 1940s and 1950s. Women wanted more in their ventures of career and success. What was wrong with being a housewife and mother to this generation? Whoever said it was wrong to be the wives and mothers so many of us are today. As we can learn throughout history the culture started to change in this iconic era. So what happened to American women we should ask, with the influence of American entertainment mainly television and Hollywood a sexual revolution started.

For some, they no longer wanted to be the cute conservative American housewives and mothers as the church and schools taught like Jackie Kennedy. No, some of them wanted to be more like Marilyn Monroe dating many men, free and liberated women who do more than raise children and cook not confined to the traditional propriety and rules of society. These ideals began to divide women and thus we are here today some are conservative women and others are now liberal women. Let’s fast forward to 2019 what have we become as an American society are American women better or worse.

They now have women demanding abortions. They see the death of their babies as a right and they mask it as freedom like it is owed to them. We have indeed lost our real identity as American women and the purpose of true freedom. American women fought for these rights and against injustices of equal pay and for freedoms. Is it safe to say we have gone too far with our quest for freedom into the dangerous slippery territory and now the choices we make have consequences that will affect the next generations to come? This can be seen in the so-called Feminist movement of today where there no longer is a fight for real issues but social issues and once again with the same influence of the entertainment industry and Hollywood. Today Americans have more women up in arms for the wrong things that have been tearing children and lives apart with many divorces too. Look around at what the media speaks of American women, have many influences from everywhere.

Women have to remember what is important beyond the superficial women in the spotlight. Americans have to wise up and bring our family unit back. They have to say no to the culture of decay and death grabbing at them. Women must remember they are needed to populate America. Without people, humanity will cease to exist and could that be what they want. Conservative women today are the ones who will influence the next generation of women, many of them have daughters nieces and sisters. Women can be the ones to have the talk with these younger women and teach them conservative principles about respectful relationships and the responsibility of loving their own body and practicing celibacy or safe sex.

The church has been too silent and conservatives have been too silent about the issues that matter. Now is the time to speak up and stand up. The fact of the matter is that women and men have to be honest and educated about taking personal responsibility. Planned Parenthood has promoted birth control within the past five decades Americans know through public health education that they have the choice of using various methods of available birth control. Therefore there is no reason for mass abortions and never abortions on demand.
Due to bad leadership or lack of leadership in this area did America forget there are many birth control options available now more than ever in history and must reinforce this.

Today at this time in the nation it is a prime opportunity. The choice to be responsible for sexual relationships has to be enforced by society to the younger generations of Americans and should not be taught by popular culture. It will be up to society to choose if America will be a society that teaches irresponsible behaviors and attitudes toward the choices they make. Will America be a society that teaches good responsible principles again? We cannot lose our identity in popular culture. The nation has come to a boiling point where we must fight hard for what is right and for the sanctity of life.

What is society teaching to younger generations and the generations of immigrants who have now entered into society? Americans have had the proper education and resources available to them to avoid the dangerous downward spiral society is in today. With the mounting pressure of abortions on demand to appease political agendas, social and celebrity status in society they have come to a crossroads. The days of teaching our young people to be educated and morally conservative in relationships can no longer be ignored when killing off humans is a matter of convenience yet it is a travesty.

We must help save our youth from these dangerous reckless ideals that somehow their freedom will come at the price of the termination of a new baby’s life. As a result of the reckless ideals of the liberals and leftists in society, Americans are now on the verge of promoting a culture of pleasure, recklessness, and death. Taking an intense look into the situation people are killing off the American population as we head into the future. Is this the society Americans are cultivating within our next generation of future leaders. The opportunity to abuse our freedom rather than appreciate it.

There is more to do as women and responsible people in communities, in cities and states. Speaking up and voicing to Congress the importance of how we the people must decide not to kill off the population and future generations but care to preserve them. The nation must work and fight to preserve the American family unit and encourage healthy responsible relationships within their own families and communities. They can fight to save humanity one baby at a time. American women can do more and can fight harder. They absolutely must stand with President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump to fight for life and protect the constitution and amendments, enforce law and order and take the country back. They must stand with Congress the people who are fighting legal battles on behalf of Conservatives and get involved today. They must stand against leftist liberal ideals that have hurt us as people in this country. The very ideals that diminish the future as a great nation. We must understand tomorrow is too late Americans are at the right time to start another revolution that will fight for life and the existence of the future of the United States of America. Please also take the opportunity to join in honoring the late Justice Antonin Scalia who was a Pro-Life advocate and is quoted saying “I am against abortion. I want to end it! But where is the moral outcry?”


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Rosanna Gonzales Rosanna Gonzales is a Hispanic American Christian woman she grew up in San Bernardino, California. Mother of 5 beautiful children. A passionate advocate and activist for homeschooling, Pro-Life movement, and America. Constitutional Conservative Patriot and Business Owner. She attended The Rock Bible College. Gonzales has worked with children and young people as a Sunday school teacher for five years, Youth and College Leader for ten years with Calvary Chapel churches. Member of California GOP, Member of American Center for Law and Justice, Former Member of Home school Legal Defense Association, Member of California State PTA. California State Lead of MAGA Girls. She loves writing, studying the Bible and politics. If you enjoyed the article and would like to see more, become a member or donate to the RNHA today! The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a not for profit organization. We are an independent media institution funded by small donors. We depend on you to continue to produce quality content.

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