HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Discusses Economic Relief Legislation and Efforts to Combat the Coronavirus

HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Discusses Economic Relief Legislation and Efforts to Combat the Coronavirus
March 31, 2020 Comments Off on HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Discusses Economic Relief Legislation and Efforts to Combat the Coronavirus Press Releases, Trump, White House RNHA NEWS


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The massive $2.2 trillion relief package includes job retention loans for small businesses, with loan forgiveness available for businesses that keep their workers on the payroll.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Direct cash payments will be available to American citizens earning less than $99,000 per year. $3,400 for the typical family of four.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Expanded unemployment benefits – the average worker who has lost his or her job will receive 100% of their salary for up to four full months.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “$3.5 billion to expand assistance to child care providers and child care benefits to healthcare workers, first responders, and others on the front lines of the crisis.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Critical support for the hardest hit industries, with a ban on corporate stock buybacks and tough new safeguards to prevent executive compensation abuse.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Over $100 billion for our amazing doctors, nurses, and hospitals.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “$45 billion for the disaster relief fund, more than doubling the amount available.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “$27 billion for the coronavirus response, including $16 billion to build up the strategic national stockpile with critical supplies including masks, respirators, and all sorts of pharmaceuticals.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “$1 billion for Defense Production Act procurement. We are, as you know, using the act, but we use it only when necessary. We use it as leverage.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I’m profoundly grateful that both parties came together to provide relief for American workers and families in this hour of need. The House of Representatives must now pass this bill, hopefully without delay.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “This morning at 7:55, I spoke to the leaders of the G20 – had a great meeting. And we have a lot of different ideas, a lot of good ideas. We’re working together.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We discussed how vitally important it is for all of our nations to immediately share information and data, and we’ve been doing that to a large extent. But we’ll do it even more so.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I spoke with the governors of our 50 states and territories. Our team has been in constant communication with the governors, and we had a terrific meeting.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We also spoke about the economic relief with the governors, and the package that we’re moving through Congress to deliver much-needed financial assistance to hardworking families and small businesses.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Earlier today, I sent a letter to America’s governors describing how we will be using the data to update existing guidance on social distancing, which will be developed in close coordination with our nation’s public health officials and scientists.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We’re approaching day 15, and what the President told the governors, that we’re going to listen to the very best health experts in the world, we’re going to examine that data very carefully. And we’ll be presenting this weekend the President a range of recommendations and additional guidance for going forward. The President’s made it clear that, in his words, he wants to open the country up. But we’re going to do that responsibly and, as the President told the governors today, we’ll do that based on the data.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “As of today, FEMA has shipped over 9 million N95 masks, 20 million face masks, 3.1 million face shields, nearly 6,000 ventilators, 2.6 million gowns, 14.6 million gloves, and we’re sending more every day.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We are working with a number of suppliers to manufacture ventilators, even while we work with state leaders to assess not just what ventilators are available in their state hospitals, but what ventilators are available in private hospitals across their state. And governors across the country are doing great work evaluating the full supply of tens of thousands of ventilators that are available.”


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “On the subject of testing, I’m pleased to report the testing is available in all 50 states. And in partnership with commercial labs across America, this morning we received word that 552,000 tests have been performed and completed all across the United States.”

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “Good news today on testing. Abbott Laboratories submitted to the FDA today a request for approval of a point of care test. This would be the kind of test where you can go to your doctor. You can get the test done there at your doctor and have the results in no more than 15 minutes.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I told the Governor 20 minutes ago – Governor Cuomo – that the [USNS Comfort] will be arriving at New York Harbor on Monday. I think I’m going to go out [to Norfolk, Virginia] and I’ll kiss it goodbye.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Going to be landing at Pier 90 in Manhattan to provide hospital surge capacity for the New York metropolitan area.”


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