Interview with Vince Dao, Conservative Social Media Influencer

Interview with Vince Dao, Conservative Social Media Influencer
July 8, 2021 Comments Off on Interview with Vince Dao, Conservative Social Media Influencer RNHA News Articles Dennison Rivera

RNHA sits down with Vince Dao the Vince is an 18-year-old conservative commentator and social media influencer with almost 200,000 followers combined across all platforms.

Vince has been involved with conservative politics since he was 15 years old and has been featured in Newsweek Magazine’s Top 12 Conservative-Up-and-Comers. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Spokesperson of the American Populist Union and is the TV host on the Freedom Broadcasting Network on Roku called “National Conservative.”

Vince Dao’s key highlights:

  • Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic that will eventually take the majority in 2040 and 2050.
  • Republicans need to do more to outreach to Latinos.
  • Key messages should revolve around being pro-God, conservative, and pro-family.
  • In 2020, there were massive shifts to the right among Latino voters.
  • The Latino vote is no longer guaranteed for Democrats. 
  • The Latino vote is necessary to save the future of the Republican party.


What event inspired you to start on this path?

When I was 15 years old, I used to watch Tucker Carlson. I was taking classes in Broadcast Television news, which means I started watching a lot of news. However, I watched him on Fox so much so that it inspired me. I started doing videos on Instagram, and it took off from there.

Do you believe the Republican platform should be unified?

The strategy of the Republicans is failing. Fusionism for the 21st century is not going to work. They need to adopt the same messaging that Trump won with in 2020. Trump addressed and ran on what is happening today and not in the Cold War. A lot of people with the old guard, or the old establishment, aren’t connected with what is happening in today’s world, which is why it wouldn’t do any good for the party to mix with them. It’s better to clean house and purge the party from the old Republican party.

The Republican party needs to be more appealing by having a better message that resonates with what’s happening with people today.

It’s evident politics have now seeped into every area of life, and the leftist has capitalized on that. There are marketing campaigns producing messages to advocate for leftist agendas, such as using preferred pronouns, being inclusive, etc. How should conservatives respond to these massive campaigns that are design the influence and manipulate the masses?

We must create our own counterculture and institutions. This is very important. We must take over the mainstream. Realistically that’s not going to happen in the next 20 – 30 years.

The reason I say this is because conservatives had control back in the day. The left had no choice but to infiltrate and slowly take over. Since conservatives started to relax, the left eventually, after decades, took over every major institution. The left controls schools, the media, and now culture because they took their time and crept in little by little.

I understand that conservatives want to fix things now, but we need to control the narratives and the institutions that set the narratives. We will be screwed over in the long term if we don’t make significant changes focused on it. 

We can do the exact same thing as they did, but better.

For example, recently, Blue’s Clues (a children’s cartoon show) started teaching about LGBT and even featuring a drag queen & “trans” animals. Netflix has produced content that does about the same.

The FCC can regulate such shows and label them as R-rated.

People can still watch it if they choose to. However, the option should be given to parents when it comes to their children as it should be. It’s under parents’ permission and discretion to monitor what their child does.

The left is pushing content like gender theory, and we can have the FCC say no; this is adult content and not for children. Take it off Nickelodeon.

Do you often get labeled as a Democrat because you are Vietnamese?

Yes, that happens occasionally, but Asians are a bit different. As a group, we don’t get too politically involved. If anything, they expect me to be conservative. To me, I don’t find it to be relevant.

I think if you live in America, and you have the same duty in this country as everyone else.

Right now, there is this race war, and the odd thing is that Latinos are in the middle of it even though we aren’t a race, but rather an ethnicity. Meaning, Latinos are made up of different skin colors, culture, heritage and from other countries. With that said, how can Republicans capitalize on the Hispanic base with that in mind?

It’s interesting you mention that about the race war. A huge sizeable number of Latino voters found BLM to be unfavorable, according to a CNN Exit poll by 42%. And that’s just the Biden voters.

How do you win the Latino vote? What can be done differently is to identify particular groups such as Cuban and Venezuelans. Republicans need to realize that the rest of Hispanics can’t be compared in the same way that Cubans and Venezuelans feel.

Cubans are fearful of big government, and so are Venezuelans. That’s a given with everything that has happened in regards to Socialism. It’s obvious that Cubans and Venezuelans understand the importance of having a small government and the dangers of Socialism.

The campaign trail will resonate with these particular groups for that reason, although we need to understand that small government doesn’t resonate with all Hispanic groups.

Not all Latino groups have the same experiences and have gone through the same thing. We have to get to know each one and understand their experiences.

Hence why the social and cultural nature is the way to go. Relating to their Catholic or Christian roots, and being pro-life, pro-family, etc.

In the economic question, that’s where you provide the 2016 Trump platform, which appeals more to Hispanics than tea party movements.

Why should Latinos appeal to the Republican party?

Democrats are anti-family and anti-God. The Republicans want you to raise your family in order and stability. The Democrats don’t want you to be able to do anything like this in all their social policies. They encourage late-term abortions, among so many other things. 

Vote for the party that would want to support your family.

For example, restricting the borders is for your sake. We must note that some Latinos immigrating here become small business owners. And as a small business owner, restricting the border from illegal crossings provides the best economic opportunity for them. Your American dream shouldn’t be tampered with by anyone else entering illegally and taking away that dream by providing unfair competition, limiting the opportunities that you rightly worked hard and sacrificed for.

What do you have to say to conservative Latinos whose family makes it a stigma to being a Republican? 

It’s an attitude we are starting to see that is changing amongst Hispanics. 95% of Hispanics in south Texas have slowly changed over to Republicans in the last four years.

We have to normalize the idea of being Republican. The more family members and more people identify as Republican where it’s no longer taboo.

In Vietnamese culture, it’s not a shock. If anything, it’s expected to come out as conservative because of our values.

We must continue planting seeds. You have to make it clear that you are a Republican. Say I’m here; this exists. Being open will go a long way in the long run. Many more Hispanics will eventually turn to the Republican party. It will be less stigmatized.

What should Latinos be more aware of?

Remember, your message is really important. Don’t underestimate running locally or for congress. That’s how seeds are planted for national Republican trends. It’s easier to win locally than national.

For example, in McAllen, TX, they elected their first Republican mayor in 24 years. McAllen is a border city with a majority of Latino voters, and a Republican won.

The local races are a leading indicator for what will happen state-wide or nationally. You may actually help ride the coattails of Republicans nationally. 

Final Words Wisdom

There is a lot that is happening right now; some of it is negative. We must keep our heads high and have the best attitude possible. To be effective warriors, we can’t have a bad attitude. We have to keep that high moral. The left is actively trying to demoralize us, which is part of the plan of this culture war.

If we keep our heads high, remain optimistic, it will make it much harder for them to defeat us.

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