Joe Biden, the King of Naysayers

Joe Biden, the King of Naysayers
July 31, 2022 Comments Off on Joe Biden, the King of Naysayers RNHA News Articles Jennifer Barreto-Leyva

For months, the democrats refused to see the chaos and danger Joe Biden is to the United States.

Millions of us warned for months about the disaster is happening now. They just chose not to listen.

The warnings were nationwide and worldwide. 

A wide group of Venezuelans warned for a long time about the possible consequences of having a democrat in the White House, but not just any democrat. We are speaking of a very senile man, that has become one of the best spokespersons of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development launched in 2015 by the United Nations, to name a few of the many wonders of Biden.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., turned in real the biggest fears for Venezuelans. He relieved, eased, or alleviate –however sounds good for you– the sanctions issued by President Donald Trump back in 2019 in order to help to find freedom for Venezuela.

The excuse by the Biden administration was to create a friendlier dialogue between the two nations. At the same time, he did the same with Cuba, giving to these two regimes the validation they were seeking from the international community, but especially, from the country they “hate” the most.

This has reinforced Maduro’s regime, empowered him, but also helped to worsen Venezuela’s economy, something impossible, yet Biden made it.

This helped to create fake well-being, since the once sanctioned, are doing a nationwide facade of a prosperous country (only available for 5% of its inhabitants), bringing through third parties’ food, medicines and everything in between, money laundering, while the fantasy of a country rising up is in the making.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has exceeded the expectations of all of us, and this is not a joke or a compliment. 

In less than a year, his beyond mediocre administration has created historic chaos in the land of the free, validated two tyrannies worldwide, among other achieved evil goals.

And this is how the last hope for Venezuelans to be free one day, has expired and died for good.

The good news is –according to the blinds by choice– President Donald Trump is not in the White House. Meanwhile, Americans are facing the highest inflation in history, lack of baby food, and dealing with a very perverted agenda promoting transgenderism in kids, just to name a few. 

The time to fight for America is here and now.

For those naysayers as Venezolanos con Biden (now Venezuelan American Caucus) That remain in silence while the country that gave them the opportunity to live in freedom crumbles into pieces, I’m not sorry to tell you this: but we told you so.

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Jennifer Barreto-Leyva Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is an attorney, journalist, and writer born and based in Venezuela, raised in Puerto Rico. Pro-life activist. Former Fox News correspondent. President of Club de los Viernes chapter Venezuela, General coordinator of Mujeres en libertad. Host and producer of the shows Politics in skirts, Política en faldas, The Talk and The JBL show. She is part of the editorial national board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. TV and radio host. Former Venezuelan ambassador at the Britts Global organization in the United Nations. Politics analyst in Radio Oasis in Florida and in CTV Barranquilla in Colombia. Opinion columnist, President of The Ladies Coalition. Co-founder of the platform Saber y Política.
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