Molinaro-Cuomo Debate

Molinaro-Cuomo Debate
October 31, 2018 No Comments » RNHA News Articles Ariel Rivera

The highly anticipated debate between New York gubernatorial candidates, Marcus Molinaro (R) and Andrew Cuomo (D), finally happened last Tuesday. The debate aired on CBS 2 New York moderated by Marcia Kramer and Rich Lamb. During the debate, Cuomo’s body language and facial expression showed a less confident incumbent. However, that quickly changed when Molinaro brought up his viable solutions to issues facing New Yorkers today and began his well-known tactic of bullying his opponent into submission. Molinaro showed civility and respect something Cuomo does not have.


Molinaro pressed Cuomo on the corruption that surrounds his administration. While putting an emphasis on the controversies surrounding the Buffalo Billion economic-development plan, Molinaro also mentioned former SUNY Polytechnic Institute President, Alain Kaloyeros. The Buffalo Billion economic development plan, led by Cuomo, aimed to invest one million dollars in the Buffalo area to stimulate economic growth.

“You have allowed individuals in this administration to defraud taxpayers,” Molinaro said.

Cuomo said, “Yes, people in my administration made a mistake.” This complacent response to corruption shows that he is, in fact, corrupt himself. It also shows the way he runs the state of New York, disrespecting and demeaning New Yorkers.

Joe Percoco, Cuomo’s former aide, was sentenced to six years in prison on bribery convictions.

Molinaro hit the nail on the head when he pressed Cuomo on his corrupt practices. Furthermore, Molinaro showed great composure when Cuomo attempted to silence him through bullying.

Molinaro showed New Yorkers why Cuomo does not deserve another term as Governor.


Both candidates presented their plans to fix the MTA, however, Cuomo, as always, came off as arrogant and presented himself as the messiah of New York State. “You have never seen a governor take more responsibility for the MTA than I have.” Despite Cuomo’s claims, a report from the NYS comptroller states that subway signal maintenance has been neglected for years. If he really was taking more responsibility than anyone else, we would have seen a decline in signal delays since he declared a State of Emergency for NYC subways. During the Nixon-Cuomo Democratic debate, Cuomo stated that the state has no say on what happens with the MTA, very contradictory on his part.

“Your MTA costs five and six times more to lay a mile of track than it does anywhere else in the world, which means we are wasting dollars and the savings need to go back into the system,” Molinaro said. Molinaro stated that wasteful spending is one of the reasons why the MTA’s service is declining in quality.

Wasteful spending hurts not only the people working for the MTA but the people paying for their services. A planned fare hike is in planning for 2019 to meet its long-term needs.

Molinaro believes that the MTA is supposed to work efficiently for the people that pay for their services. Molinaro understands the severity of the MTA crisis and he will do what’s necessary to fix the system.


It was not surprising to see Cuomo play the “you’re Republican, you must support Trump” card. Cuomo stated that Molinaro is an extreme-conservative and is a Trump “Mini-me.” However, Cuomo forgot that Donald Trump received more positive attention than he has ever seen in New York, especially in upstate New York.

Molinaro exhibited great character by not stooping down to Cuomo’s level of immaturity. He attempted to explain his stance on healthcare while Cuomo threw a tantrum on the other side.

Things to keep in mind

Cuomo pardoned 24,000 of parolees convicted of sex crimes and even pardoned cop killer, Herman Bell. Cuomo’s reasoning behind this huge pardon was to allow them to vote ahead of the Primary election.

Cuomo in a video said that “America was never that great.” The video of him saying this, below:


Cuomo, with his empty lies and bully tactics, fell against Molinaro on Tuesday night’s debate. Molinaro showed civility and respect for the seat that he hopes to win and that goes a long way with undecided voters in the state. Molinaro is the leader that New York needs. In regards to the Latino community, Molinaro shares the struggles of living in poverty and working hard to make ends meet. At the age of 19, he was elected mayor of his county and has done an extraordinary job in fulfilling his duties and serving the community!

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