Inteview with Joey Tiano for NM State Senate

Inteview with Joey Tiano for NM State Senate
February 25, 2020 Comments Off on Inteview with Joey Tiano for NM State Senate Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

I interviewed Joey Tiano, a candidate for state senate district 39 in New Mexico. Joy Tiano is a fourth-generation New Mexican whose grandparents fled from socialism in Italy in 1895. He joined the NM State Police in 1982 and had a successful career in law enforcement leading to him retiring as a Sergeant and Senior crash investigator in 2006.

What motivated you to run for office?

During the 2019 Legislative Session, my purpose for attending was to protest the “Up to Birth” Abortion Bill and the Assisted Suicide Bill.  While there I was dismayed by the tax and spend Democrats going through $1.3 billion in the State’s coffers.  Then, shortly after, they passed another law giving the citizens of New Mexico the largest tax and spending law in the history of the state. 

I saw the Democrats use every avenue they could find to get money to fund their leftist boondoggles such as taxing food, going after state retirees’ pension plan in the way of cost of living increases.  Examples like these are why I decided to run for State Senate.

What are your thoughts on the impeachment? 

I have one word about the impeachment — “projection.”  The leftist Dems use Sol Alinsky’s Rules of Radical Thinking.  One of these rules is to commit the crime then accuse your opponent of actually committing that crime.  It is all projection.

What is the issue you are most passionate about?

That’s a hard one.  I’m passionate about keeping the government out of the baby killing business.  I am also very concerned that leftist globalists are going after our God-given Constitutional Right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.  We see leftists incrementally taking our rights away from us.  They are taking away our tools to fight back as Americans against a philosophy that thinks Socialism/Communism is a better way for the population.

Education is a contentious issue these days. What are your thoughts on Hate Speech and Safe Space policies on college campuses?

First of all, most of our public educational systems have been hijacked by socialist thinking educators.  “Hate speech” is a tactical weapon used by socialist educators to indoctrinate our children into the “commune” of socialist thinking.  There is no such thing as “hate speech”; and, if there is, it comes from the left. 

As for safe spaces….this is a bright shining invitation for those demented minds that want to hurt and kill to come and do their deed knowing that no one will be shooting back.

What will your first 100 days in office look like?

My first 100 days will include submitting bills such as “Right to Work,” a voter ID law called “One Citizen – One Vote” using technology such as palm scanning and facial recognition to keep illegal and dead votes from compromising our elections and to keep citizens from voting more than one time. 

I would include a system like the Interstate Compact System our states’ MVD/DMV’s use; but, the custodians would be the County Clerks and the Secretary of State.  I would also be submitting bills repealing “bad bills” such as the Red Flag Gun laws and bills to reduce the tax burden on New Mexicans.

California and liberal states are pressing for gun reform and red flag laws. What is your position on the Second Amendment?

I have not seen a Red Flag Law that doesn’t violate many citizens’ Constitutional Rights.  If passed, these unconstitutional laws need to be considered by the Supreme Court.

What is one piece of advice you have for the Youth today? 
I would advise the youth of today to verify any information that any educator might teach them and to balance what they teach against their God-given Constitutional rights.

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