Nancy Pelosi flaunts Ice Cream Collection Amid Crisis

Nancy Pelosi flaunts Ice Cream Collection Amid Crisis
April 17, 2020 Comments Off on Nancy Pelosi flaunts Ice Cream Collection Amid Crisis RNHA News Articles Robert Cross
The Late Late Show with Jim Corden

Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on the Late Late Show with Jim Corden and showed off her expensive collection of Ice Cream. Each pint of ice cream is valued at 12-13 dollars a pint and the fridges are about 24k dollars apiece. James Corden asked Nancy Pelosi in this clip how often she eats Ice Cream and she replied, ” as often as possible.” Pelosi is seemingly oblivious to the hardships of the American people in the wake of COVID-19.

22 Million people have lost their jobs since the economy shut down. Millions more have been laid off or furloughed as businesses, and schools have shut down. Millions of people all a crossed the nation are lining up at food banks to get food for their families. An article by Kristan Swab at the Market Place tells the story of a local food bank in Brooklyn New York. There are 10,000 families out of food and the food bank is struggling to provide them with meals. There are desperate people who are out of work and struggling to feed their families. Many local food banks like the one above are having trouble meeting the increased demand.

Nancy Pelosi just weeks earlier obstructed the Stimulus bill and every other action that President Trump has done to aid Americans during this time. While President Trump and his administration have been working tirelessly to provide assistance to the American people amidst this crisis Speaker Nacy Pelosi has taken advantage of the situation to try to push forward her radical agenda by taking hostage American’s aid. She is currently blocking the GOP from adding more funds to the Paycheck Protection program. At one point she even tried to give herself and Congress a pay raise.

The legacy of our leaders has been determined by how they have reacted to COVID-19. Nancy Pelosi spent her time in this crisis pushing her own agenda, obstructing aid to the American people, and eating ice cream. The mark of a true leader is sharing the suffering of their people. President Trump has spent the crisis donating his salary to fight the virus, providing aid to the American people, and providing daily updates on the status of the virus. This November you as Americans must decide which of these legacies you want to shape this great Nation.

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