National Hispanic Heritage Spotlight

National Hispanic Heritage Spotlight
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The RNHA is honored to recognize during National Hispanic Heritage Month, the lifelong achievement of one of our distinguished leaders, Elisa Marie Slider.

Elisa M. Slider is the Vice Chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.  She also serves as Advisory Board Member for President Trump at his Latinos for Trump Board. She also serves as a board member for Bienvenido and LEXIT, respectively.

Elisa was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her father is a self-made businessman who worked hard growing his trucking company. Her mother was born in Cuba and escaped from the oppression of the Castro dictatorship to the United States in 1961. Elisa is the oldest of six children to include two brothers and three sisters. She quickly learned the values of family and hard work as she helped her mother raise her younger siblings and worked several part-time jobs. She graduated from Cheyenne High School in 1998. Elisa is married to Richard Slider, a Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps Reserve, and has two children, Nicolas age eighteen and Keira age fourteen.

Professionally, Elisa worked as a preschool teacher and provided administrative assistance to her Father’s business out of High School. Later, she was hired by the Clark County School district as a Special Education Assistant for providing assistance to special needs children. After working there for several years, she took over ownership of her Father’s business. She reorganized the company and is currently the Co-Owner of Silver State Hay Incorporated a trucking / brokering company that provides agricultural products to the South West region of the United States with overseas shipping contracts.

The conservative values of the Republican Party are a perfect alignment with Elisa’s strong family values, patriotic views, and love of our constitution. Growing up, she listened to the stories from her grandparents and elders describing the atrocities committed under a communist social regime in Cuba. At an early age, she realized that the freedoms we have in this Country should be cherished. The protection of life, the 2nd amendment, a strong military, business growth, national security, and less government intrusion are the principles that make her want to take a stance with other Hispanics across this country.

Hispanic Culture is every moment of my childhood. Learning early on, that family, faith, and freedom were the essential things in this life. Everything else from the food to the music was just a bonus from my Cuban upbringing.

Luke 6:37 – “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.”

I was raised to understand what it’s like to lose your homeland. My grandfather taught me the importance of standing and fighting for your beliefs while never allowing socialism to take over your country. America will remain the beautiful country she is today because people like me will never stop fighting for her. I know I can’t do this alone and will need a strong team moving forward. This is why I love the organizations with which I work. These organizations all understand the fight ahead and are standing side by side stronger than ever. RNHA, LEXIT, and Bienvenido will prosper because they have the same values of faith, family, and freedom in their hearts.

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