NIH Studies Show the Dangers of Abortion

NIH Studies Show the Dangers of Abortion
December 13, 2022 Comments Off on NIH Studies Show the Dangers of Abortion Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Paul Lott

The data on deaths from legal and illegal abortions tell a different story than the popular narrative on abortion would suggest.

According to an 8-year study published by the National Institute of Health, women who aborted a child had a 154 percent higher risk of death from suicide, an 82 percent higher risk of death from accidents, and a 44 percent higher risk of death from natural causes such as cardiovascular disease. The studies show that post-abortion trauma negatively affects a significant number of women. But that is not all. 

A national study in Finland showed significantly higher death rates associated with abortion than with childbirth. It is far safer to have a baby rather than abort the child. A further study examined the association of suicide attempts with abortion attempts using the American population over a longer period. California Medicaid records for 173,279 women who had an induced abortion or a delivery in 1989 were linked to death certificates for the 9 years from 1989 to 1997.  There are almost 20,000 deaths associated with abortion over that period. 

The study concludes that when compared with women who delivered, those who aborted had a significantly higher age-adjusted risk of death from all causes (1.62%), from suicide (2.54%), and from accidents (1.82%), as well as the higher relative risk of death from natural causes (1.44%), including the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) (2.18%), circulatory diseases (2.87%), and cerebrovascular disease (5.46%).

Results are stratified by age and time. Higher death rates associated with abortion persist over time and across socioeconomic boundaries. This may be explained by self-destructive tendencies, depression, and other unhealthy behavior aggravated by the abortion experience. In any case, the result is clear, abortion is not the clean solution to an unwanted pregnancy that most women are led to believe.

The reversal of Roe V. Wade is a win for women’s health and shows that the desire for an abortion may be indicative of other life-threatening mental illnesses. The studies referenced here only look at suicide and suicide attempts, but other studies show increased long-term consequences such as long-term depression or exacerbated secondary trauma. 

Multiple studies published by the National Institute of Health show similar negative outcomes to women’s health caused by having even a single abortion. Private groups have published tried to disprove the relationship between abortion on suicide, but these studies do not deny the data. They simply point to some social sigma as the cause for the high suicide and mental health damage caused by abortion. One fact is clear. Women who have a live birth do not suffer nearly the same negative outcomes as those women who go through with the abortion.

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