Op-Ed: Latinos Misinformed

Op-Ed: Latinos Misinformed
November 8, 2019 Comments Off on Op-Ed: Latinos Misinformed Uncategorized Manuel Perez

It’s one thing to support Democrats because you understand that their core principles complement your own. But it’s another to support Democrats because you feel persuaded by your community to do so, despite having little knowledge of what they stand for. This is exactly what’s happening in the Latino community. Needless to say, that the Democrat Party has been infiltrated by extreme leftists (liberals) who have gone too far in trying to promote policy’s that have pushed the boundaries created for the betterment of humanity itself. Lack of political knowledge and basic information has led even the most conservative of Hispanics to vote and support policies that they would never agree with.

We can see this unsettling dynamic even in our Christian community. Where many hope to stop abuse in the world, but then unknowingly turn around and support a Party that wants to eliminate religious freedom and gets funding from organizations like “planned parenthood” which is responsible for the death of almost 1 million babies through abortions every year. In New York, they even tried to push for “late-term” abortion, but already It’s usually Latino and African American baby skulls that are being crushed in the uterus with no chance at life. In fact, according to an article written by Jason L. Riley in the “Wall Street Journal”, statistics show that in New York, more African-American babies are being aborted than are being born, every year. If this doesn’t sound chilling, then I don’t know what does.

No Latino conservative who has the slightest idea of what Liberal Democrats stand for today would support such a thing. However, if the Latino conservative is misinformed and confused through media outlets about who is for them and who is not, then they will. But not all Latino Christian Conservatives are being fooled by the left’s misinformation. The “Faith and Freedom Coalition”, an Evangelical group will now spend $50M on communicating and bringing awareness to  Latino voters of faith in preparation for the 2020 elections in favor of President Trump.

It’s understandable how it would be hard for an individual who lacks just basic political knowledge to see how their voting decision will affect the world when the false threats and fear which are implemented through the media makes them worry about how it will affect their home. It clouds their good judgment, even if what they’re being told isn’t true. This is called race-baiting and fear-mongering. It has worked for many years and manipulated many voters. But today, Latinos are waking up. The truth is that it’s all about them gaining Minority votes through government dependence, fear, and victimization, so they can then continue transforming the world inevitably into the very things that many conservatives oppose.

Democrat policies push to eradicate the very institutions and basic moral principles that hold together this country and its families. The very things that most of the Hispanic community hold dear to their hearts.


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