OP-ED: The Americans Demand Transparency from the Left

OP-ED: The Americans Demand Transparency from the Left
April 20, 2019 No Comments » Local Politics, Op-Ed, RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

After almost two years of one of the most controversial investigations of a sitting United States President, the Department of Justice concluded President Donald Trump has finally been vindicated. Monday morning March 22nd,2019 special counsel and independent investigator Robert Mueller cleared the President of all allegations concerning Russia. Americans have witnessed the entire mainstream media and the Democrat leaders endlessly and falsely accusing President Trump. Every moment the talking heads on television and social media were deceptively stating that Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election. The left along with the mainstream media took the American people on the worst witch hunt ever, claiming Russia, Russia, Russia is why Hillary lost. When Americans received the good news Monday, the Democrats and news reporters still refused to accept the outcome. Who are these bold leaders to think that they know better than forty FBI agents, nineteen lawyers, plus 500 witnesses questioned, and not to mention 1.4 million pages of documents?

How did they accomplish this? they turned to social media. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi tweeted back in February “Fact: The Russians meddled in and attacked America’s 2016 elections. Also, a fact: Trump calls this a ‘hoax’ and ‘fake news’. But it’s far from it.” She then ended it, #FollowTheFacts. Certainly, her 248,000 Twitter followers were wrongly led to believe that the President and Russia were guilty of illegal dealings. Let us not forget the newly famous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for adding another 3.68 million Twitter followers she led to falsely believe that President Trump was possibly working for Russia, which she stated in her tweet back in January. The ridiculous fear-mongering and dangerous lies from the left leadership have gone unchecked for the last two and a half years.

Today Americans find themselves more likely to doubt what the leadership of the left carelessly spew on television and social media. It is the leadership of this country that needs to be held accountable for what information they give to the people. The youth of America are watching closely as one from their generation has made it to Congress. American voters have the right to know the truth about their leaders and their rise to fame in Congress. Many voters have claimed they have never heard of Alexandria ever before. In fact, Mr. Reagan’s channel on YouTube has a video where it is alleged that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez may not be who she says she is but rather a mouthpiece and actress for a secret socialist or Marxist group. The group refers to themselves as the Justice Democrats.

The group claims far-left ideology such as they want to abolish I.C.E and be the new party to implement tuition-free public college, open borders, and Medicare for all, a very socialist-communist agenda. Of course, they never consider explaining how much that will cost the American people in the long run and if it is financially or legally possible. These people do not only have a radical ideology, but they have tricked the American voters. Where is the transparency for America? The left seems to project everything they do on the right side and in this case, President Trump, for what they, in turn, may be guilty of themselves.

America do you know who Alexandria Occasio Cortez really works for, is she for American Constitutional policy at all? Democrats today seem to not be standing with the U.S. Constitution. The above are the real issues American voters need to turn the focus on. Now that there was no witch found on the hunt, according to the American Center for Law and Justice, in a letter to Congress, William Barr stated, “I can’t remember quite as strong a vindication . . . Absolutely not a scintilla of evidence of any corruption.” Certainly, facts do matter, Congratulations to President Trump he is vindicated. No collusion and no obstruction.

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