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On the morning of Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 President Donald Trump declared the month of April,  National Child Abuse prevention. n January executive order was signed by President Trump to coordinate the Federal Government’s efforts to prosecute individuals, who sexually exploit children online, and to protect and support victims of child exploitation, provide prevention education to raise awareness, and help lower the incidence of child exploitation. The new law extends further protection and welfare for American children and families.

According to Healthy Children, 3 million of 5.5 million children a year are reported to suffer these various types of child abuse or neglect. Studies have shown that approximately 1 in 20 children have been abused physically in their lifetime. The longer the abuse the more the length of the therapy and healing process is needed. Abused children suffer from emotional and psychological issues. Children who suffer from abuse will face multiple challenges they must learn to overcome many difficulties throughout their lifetime. Children may face hunger, homelessness, poverty, neglect, and some of these escalate to the extremity of the more dark complex issues, such as child abuse and child trafficking. Children have quickly become victims of the various forms of multiple cases of abuse and crimes. Abuse can be reflected in different ways in a range from neglect of parental guidance, physical harm, and sexual abuse among which child trafficking is usually involved.

President Donald Trump’s Administration has formed an international alliance with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom to aid in this fight against child abuse and child exploitation. Several major technology companies have publically adopted voluntary principles to aid in the prevention of online child abuse and exploitation. Online technology has enabled child predators  technology for these types of heinous crimes. Technology companies have aligned with law enforcement to enable officials to utilize certain technology as a tool for investigation into crimes also to enforce prosecution when necessary.

 “All children are uniquely created in the image of God and gifted with both purpose and unlimited potential.”  – President Donald J. Trump

How can you make a difference in an abused child’s life? If you may suspect abuse of your child or another child in a situation, talk with your child, and ask simple questions. For suspected issues with your own child make an appointment with your child’s doctor, a pediatrician is required by law to report child abuse they cooperate with child protection services nationwide. For suspected issues with other children, you can report to a school teacher, a school counselor or a principal. The White House and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau have created the Child Welfare Information Gateway as a resource for Americans to gather important guidance for dealing with child welfare and for promoting healthy American families.

The White House has declared to the American people children are very important, we must do all we can in order to help extend happiness, health, and success for all American children. President Trump’s administration has declared and acknowledged protecting children, make them a priority, and help strengthen families. President Trump has called on all Americans to invest in the lives of our Nation’s children and to be aware of their safety and well–being, and to support all efforts that promote an opportunity to better their psychological, physical, and emotional development.

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