President Trump on the Successfully Negotiated Ceasefire: ‘This Is A Great Day For Civilization’

President Trump on the Successfully Negotiated Ceasefire: ‘This Is A Great Day For Civilization’
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What You Need To Know


The Trump Administration’s diplomatic efforts have been successful in achieving a cease-fire in northeast Syria.

  • President Trump directed a U.S. delegation, including Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo, to conduct negotiations with Turkey.
    • This good faith effort represents the Trump Administration’s strong commitment to resolving the situation and avoiding the loss of more innocent lives.
  • Thanks to these efforts, a 120-hour ceasefire has been negotiated in northeast Syria.
  • The Trump Administration has secured a commitment to ensure no military action against the town of Kobani and respect for religious minorities.
    • President Trump has made it a priority to ensure the protection of religious communities in the region.
  • Turkey has affirmed its commitment to exercising maximum care in order not to harm civilians and civilian infrastructure.
  • Once the cease-fire begins, the Kurds will safely withdraw their personnel from the approximately 20-mile safe zone under Turkish control.
    • The Trump Administration will emphasize political and diplomatic efforts to support the safe zone.
  • The Kurds requested United States assistance in addressing the situation, and we have been in constant contact with the SDF.
  • The Administration is grateful to Turkey for working with us to reach this important agreement.

This agreement will help ensure that the campaign against ISIS will continue.  

  • The United States and Turkey are committed to defeating any ISIS activities in northeast Syria.
  • Turkey has committed to coordinating regarding detention facilities.

The President is following through on his promise to end American involvement in endless wars.

  • Since day one, President Trump has been extremely clear in his goal of getting America out of endless conflicts around the world.
  • President Trump has worked to reach diplomatic solutions to the situation in northeast Syria while keeping American troops out of harm’s way.
  • We’re not going to participate in an endless conflict in Syria that could potentially cost our nation thousands of brave soldiers.
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