President Trump Scores Another victory for Family Values and Religious Freedom
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President Donald Trump’s administration secured the passage in July of a resolution that will allow faith-based adoption agencies to receive a financial subsidy, even if these agencies choose to prioritize for adoption traditional households, with a father and a mother, rather than same-sex couples (LGBTQ). The resolution, known as the Aderholt Amendment, seeks to protect the work of these agencies for the benefit of homeless children, and the constitutional right to profess and practice religion without the interference of the state.

The current crisis and lag in the adoption system are regrettable. Public and private adoption centers never match with the demand and tens of thousands of children wait long journeys in foster care to be adopted. The epidemic of drugs and opioid abuse that plagues our nation has made the problem even worse. That’s why faith-based adoption agencies have always been the backbone in the system and their work is vital in our communities to get these children a definitive home. Recent statistics support its importance:

“437,000 children living in foster care. 100,000 children eligible for adoption. And 90% of new families who want to adopt have been recruited by faith-based organizations.” (Heritage Action for America)

Unfortunately, during Barack Obama’s Democrat administration instead of supporting the work of these agencies, there was a lot of harassment and allowed LGBTQ activist groups to overwhelm them with a lot of expensive lawsuits.  Their aim was to force these agencies either to betray their faith and Christian morals (by giving children up for adoption to homosexual and lesbian couples) or to close their doors permanently.  The same harassment was suffered by churches, schools, faith-based organizations and businesses.

The reaction of LGBTQ people has not been kept waiting. The Family Equality Council, one of its advocates, says the amendment will hurt children in foster care by denying same-sex couples their right to adopt. This argument is false because there are other options, in the 50 states of the nation, of public and private adoption centers where they can adopt.  However, protecting the existence of faith-based agencies is vital to maintaining diversity and the constitutional right to religious freedom.

“The president is not preventing LGBTQ people from adopting. LGBTQ people can still adopt and that won’t change,” White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere said in a statement to CNN Wire, November 2, 2019, and reproduced by Fox 61. In addition, the spokesman added: “The federal government should not interfere in the matter of forcing childcare providers to choose between helping children and their faith.”

The Democratic Party’s hostility to faith-based adoption agencies is part of the old atheist crusade of liberals and leftist activists against the institution of the family and the constitutional right to practice a religion. They began by taking prayer and bibles out of our schools, then forbade, with the threat of imprisonment, that parents could correct our children with love and discipline (as the Bible teaches).  In 1973 they approved the legalization of abortion across the country (a measure that has already cost more than 61 million unborn babies lives) and more recently forced same-sex marriage on us. And let’s not forget that left-wing activists also want to end the celebration of Christmas and even Mother’s Day!

For a nation like ours, founded on the fear of God and the recognizing in its Constitution that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inherent rights given by God, it is a very sad and detestable thing to see how the Democratic Party voluntarily become an instrument of evil

For Conservative Christian faith families, like the Hispanic family, the child’s right to a happy home is not an excuse for political activism and noisy protests, as the leftist do, but a moral principle of life. We must open our hearts, even more, to get these children a new home, so they do not spend another Christmas without the love and care of a father and a mother. That’s why we celebrate president Trump’s victory with the Aderholt Amendment. It is time for the Congress now to act and pass new legislation aim to protect and support even more these faith-based adoption organizations nationwide.

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