Progress For Change hosts 1st RNC in NYC Training

Progress For Change hosts 1st RNC in NYC Training
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Progress For Change hosts 1st RNC in NYC Training!


On Saturday morning Progress for Change launched its first Republican Leadership Initiative for New York. A crowd of young millennials were very enthusiastic for change in liberal New York City. Marlene Artov and Oz Sultan, Founders of Progress for Change, coordinated with the Republican National Committee to introduce important training that will help the new conservative leaders in the upcoming 2019 and 2020 campaigns. Many of the participants that attended the training course included university students, local “Young Republican” chapters and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

Franklin Gonzalez, New York State Chairman of the RNHA, also attended the event with fellow RNHA members that were interested in applying these important skills to the upcoming 2020 campaign. Progress for Change is the latest installment in New York politics with a very distinct mission. The goal of PFC is to empower, train, and develop local chapters and leaders with serious training that helped the GOP win in 2016.

Mitch Freckleton, Director of Youth Engagement for the RNC, led the training at the prestigious Metropolitan Club also known as the Met Club two days after the attacks by radical leftists groups. In a threatening letter to the Met Club, the violent mob wrote that “this is just the beginning” for the future of the New York Republican movement. The turnout of the GOP training begs to differ as many of the RSVP participants still attended and documented the graffiti and broken windows left after the attacks. The attendees determination to win in November were unscathed by the threats.

A recent article by the Washington Examiner also highlighted the new rise of young conservatives in the Republican Leadership Initiative. According to the RNC, millennials make up 50% of participants in this flagship program and is steadily rising as more local leaders seek to implement this training in their own associations.

“The 25,000 benchmark is nearly double the RNC’s initial goal for the midterm cycle, demonstrating the sheer size and scope of the GOP’s ground game heading towards November. This is five times the number of RLI fellows recruited during the entire 2016 presidential cycle. ”

The Republican Party is very optimistic about the growing trends and developments happening all over the nation and even in strong Democrat strongholds in New York. Leave some of your comments below about all this news and make sure to contribute to the Met Club to help out their GoFundMe campaign to restore it’s institution.

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