Regional Leadership

Regional Leadership
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Robert Cross
National Regional Director

National Responsibility:

The RNHA National Regional Leadership aims to organize, establish and certify that each State Region has a viable and operational RNHA State Charter. The RNHA National Regional Zones are overseen and directed by the National Regional Director. 

Robert Cross is Spaniard and Cuban on his mother’s side. He started his career in public service, working in local ministries that provided educational assistance to k-12 students in San Bernardino County and low-income assistance to disabled people, veterans, and refugees. He has been published in Borgen Project Magazine and Borgen Project Blog, Collaborator, Medium, and the Classy Libertarian. Robert earned a master’s degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in History from the California State University of San Bernardino.
Bob Spindell
Midwestern Regional Director

Regional States Responsibility:

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Nelson R. Albino
Caribbean Regional Director

Regional States Responsibility:

U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico, Guam U.S. Virgin Islands Hawaii Other International Chapters.

Mr. Albino is Puerto Rican. He began his journalistic career as a writer and columnist for the international digital newspaper PanAm Post where he also worked as a Translations Manager. A supporter of fiscal conservatism, a small government with low taxes, and the constitutional right to bear arms. He went to college at George Mason University in Virginia and King University in Tennessee where he studied for a career in Health Administration. In Virginia, he volunteered for Robert Sarvis’s libertarian campaign for Governor in the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial elections. He is currently a political analyst on Accion 97.9 FM of iHeart Media Orlando. He also has his podcast The Nelson Albino Report and shares his writings through his Facebook page Nelson R. Albino, his Instagram nelson.r.albino, and his Twitter @nalbinojr.
Ruben Rodríguez
Northeastern Regional Director

Regional States Responsibility:
Northeastern Region: New Hampshire (NH) Maine (ME) Massachusetts (MA) Rhode Island (RI) Connecticut (CT) Pennsylvania (PA) New York (NY) New Jersey (NJ) Vermont (VT)

Jon H. Arguello
Southeastern Regional Director

Regional States Responsibility:
Delaware (DE) Maryland (MD) District of Columbia – (DC) West Virginia (WV) Virginia (VA) North Carolina (NC) South Carolina (SC) Georgia (GA) Florida (FL)

Jenni Salinas
Southeastern Central Regional Director

Regional States Responsibility:
Texas (TX), Louisiana (LA), Arkansas (AR), Oklahoma (OK)

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National States Executive Committee

RNHA Arizona Logo
Arizona - State Chapter

Lori Martinez, State Chairwoman

RNHA Arkansas
Arkansas - State Chapter

Nicholas Ortíz, State Chairman

Connecticut - State Chapter

Eva Maldonado, State Chairwoman

RNHA California Logo
California - State Chapter

Eddy Alfonzo Marmolejo, State Chairman

RNHA Florida logo
Florida - State Chapter

Emilio Ruiz, State Chairman

Georgia - State Chapter

Carli Eli, Chairwoman

RNHA Illinois Logo
Illinois - State Chapter
RNHA Indiana Logo
Indiana - State Chapter

Victoria Gresham, State Chairwoman

RNHA Kansas Logo
Kansas State - State Chapter

Benjamin Sauceda, State Chairman

RNHA Minnesota Logo
Minnesota - State Chapter

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