Republican Party of Texas candidate Matt Rinaldi

Republican Party of Texas candidate Matt Rinaldi
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Tonight I interviewed Matt Rinaldi for my column Winning on the American Idea. He is running to become the Chair of the Texas Republican Party. 

Why are you running? Why now?

I’m running because I believe it is more important than ever before to have a strong Republican Party that not only wins elections and gives voice to the grassroots but also maintains a strong positive message. The stakes are higher than ever before. Democrats have shifted so far left and gained so much ground in the past few years that they present an existential danger to the America that we grew up in, an America that values freedom and provides everyone the opportunity to succeed. I am running so that my son can have the opportunity to live in that America. 

What is your plan to improve the financial situation of the party?

The day-to-day work is the most time-consuming part of the position and the most important. This is true for the RPT Chairman as it is for any candidate for public office. I plan to focus on fundraising and expect to have the same success I had in the past. In both my campaigns for reelection, I was one of the most successful state legislators in the state in raising funds and hope to mirror that success as RPT Chair.

What is your plan to grow the party?

We need to ensure RPT has a clear and bold message and the infrastructure to communicate that message to broad groups of people. The border areas in particular present a great opportunity. Donald Trump won two state house districts currently held by Democrats by attracting voters whose everyday lives were being adversely affected by open border policies. Republican chairman in those areas needs the infrastructure and training to solidify those gains and make further inroads with those voters.


Do you think the party should take an active role during the legislative session?


Yes! The RPT is the voice of the grassroots and should help to drive their priorities. At the end of the day, the fundraising, organizing, election work–all of it is for the purpose of driving policy and improving the lives of everyday people. As a legislator, I have passed measures like those making the sanctuary city ban the strongest in the country and the bill legalizing private church security teams. I can use that experience and the relationships I made to allow the party to be more effective at driving its legislative priorities to the governor’s desk.


What is your definition of the American idea?

That anyone in America has the opportunity to achieve their dreams. My father immigrated to the US with nothing and became a citizen in the 1970s. His parents worked in a machine shop and sewing mill to put him through college. He rose to become a successful salesman and has a son who is a lawyer and former legislator. That kind of story would be virtually impossible in virtually any other society in human history. 


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