RNHA Endorse Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate

RNHA Endorse Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate
September 7, 2022 Comments Off on RNHA Endorse Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate Endorsements RNHA Endorsement

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is proud to endorse Herschel Walker for Georgia Senate. Herschel Walker won the Republican Primary by a landslide, earning 68% of the GOP Vote. Walker has a strong background fighting for conservative issues in Georgia. He served as spokesman for UHS Patriot Support Program for over a decade where he traveled to over 400 military installations around the world to encourage soldiers struggling with mental health.

He wrote the book breaking free a personal story to help remove stigmas around mental health as well as encourage treatment. Walker is the CEO of one of the largest minority-owned food service companies in the U.S. Walker won the Heisman Trophy in 1982, 1992 Olympic Bobsled team, 1999 College Football Hall of Fame Inductee, 2022 ST. Barnabas Hance Awardee, 2022 Horatio Alger Awardee, and many other honors. Herschel Walker is dedicated to the service of the Republic and the health of its people. Walker spent his career fighting for the needs of veterans and others who are afflicted with mental illness. If elected Walker will take the same passion and dedication that he has shown in his career to Washington D.C. 

For his dedication to the people of the Republic, the RNHA is asking that you all join us in voting for Herschel Walker this election cycle. He is a godly man who is deeply dedicated to the well-being of the Republic. Biden and his puppets are losing ground in Georgia, which is a key battleground state. The race is close and it will take everyone voting to win it. 

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