RNHA Interviews Alexandria Suarez for Florida State Representative District 120

RNHA Interviews Alexandria Suarez for Florida State Representative District 120
March 4, 2020 Comments Off on RNHA Interviews Alexandria Suarez for Florida State Representative District 120 Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Alexandria Suarez a candidate for Florida State Representative for District 120. She has worked for 30 years in education, healthcare, and law.

What motivated you to get into politics?

I was not planning to get into politics. I have always been conservative and I just got tired of sitting on the sidelines. There is a lot of issues that Florida is facing and I can help them.

What do your first 100 days in office look like?

Water quality and the environment are my number one issues. Miami Dade County like much of Florida is dependent on tourism. I will continue with Everglades restoration. Water quality does not only affect tourism each year but causes problems for our vast agricultural community. You are not from Florida, so let me give you an example. Roughly 80% of the Green Beans grown in the United States are grown here in Homestead. Improving water quality will allow our economy to prosper and heal our environment.

All across America red flag and full-term abortion law bills are being introduced. How do you feel about these laws?

I am pro-Second Amendment and these red flag laws that we are up against are violations of our natural God-given rights. The Second Amendment is the one thing that holds everything else together. The red flags laws institute a denial of due process of law. I worked in family law for many years and there is too much room for people to abuse red flag laws to deprive people of their God-given rights.

Now as for abortion I am pro-life and respect the right that all humans have to the right of life. In our society, it is the unborn that are the most vulnerable and in need of our protection. In Florida, our law says that the State has an interest in protecting a viable fetus. People are having abortions at 6 months, or later. I am not okay with that.

The Youth of Today sees socialism as a popular thing. What do you have to say to them about that?

Socialism is one step toward communism. The youth of today do not need to learn what to think but how to think. What our Founding Fathers created 250 years ago has protected us from tyranny. Tyranny never dies though it just comeback each generation in a different form. In the words of President Reagan, “Our freedoms are never more one generation away from extinction.” Socialism promises students free things and student debt forgiveness but everything comes at a price. Venezuela and Cuba learn that lesson the hard way.

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