RNHA National Endorse Santiago Avila Jr for National Delegate

RNHA National Endorse Santiago Avila Jr for National Delegate
June 5, 2020 Comments Off on RNHA National Endorse Santiago Avila Jr for National Delegate Endorsements RNHA Endorsement

The RNHA is proud to endorse Santiago Avila Jr for National Delegate in the 6th Congressional District in Florida. Santiago Avila Jr. is a distinguished leader in the Hispanic Conservative Community. Santiago Avila Jr. is the current State Chairman for the RNHA in Flordia. His show Hispanic Lead Right has 18,000 listeners Nation Wide. He has also served as both the Chairman for RNHA Volusia County Chapter and the Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus in Florida.

Santiago Avila Jr has a long history of public service and giving back to the community. He has been involved with youth groups and youth clubs in order to be a role model for our youth and keep them out of trouble. As a business owner, he understands the meaning of hard work, the time and energy it takes to make a business and create jobs. He understands the hard work and dedication that goes into creating and growing a business. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. He also has gone on mission trips to Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, and Ecuador.

Sanitago Avila Jr. is a man of action and integrity, who always goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is a strong-second amendment advocate who has fought against Red Flag laws and gun grabs in his district. He is a strong supporter of the President of the United States and the GOP. Promoting conservative candidates who are dedicating to defending people’s constitutional rights in the State of Florida.

For his dedication to God, the American People, and the Conservative Cause the RNHA is encouraging everyone to vote for Santiago Avila Jr. for National Delegate. He will ensure that your rights and liberties are protected!


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