Socialism, Abortion and Marijuana; Bernie Sanders’ Proposal for Hispanics

Socialism, Abortion and Marijuana; Bernie Sanders’ Proposal for Hispanics
March 25, 2020 Comments Off on Socialism, Abortion and Marijuana; Bernie Sanders’ Proposal for Hispanics News Column, RNHA News Articles Juan Vega

The socialist Bernie Sanders, unlike the other chameleons from the Democratic party aspiring to the presidency of the United States, is at least honest in his madness. This was demonstrated last Sunday, February 23, in an interview with the CBS News special “60 Minutes”. There he again expressed his old admiration for bloodthirsty communist dictators. This time his praise went to the late Fidel Castro and his literacy plan of the 1960s.

Justifying his praise to the Cuban dictator, Bernie said that sometimes bad men do good things. What Bernie does not say is that the so cackling  “literacy plan” cost Cuba the blood of thousands of political dissidents shoot or disappeared, and hundreds of thousands who fled to Florida in boats due to the terror and shameless theft of his assets. He does not say that the Cubans who learned to read saw their newspapers and printing presses closed, their writers and journalists imprisoned. In Cuba there is only one newspaper, the official Granma, and that only books authorized by the communist dictatorship are allowed.  

Bernie Sanders’s idols and dreams are relevant now that he is the potential Democratic Party nominee to the presidency. For the first time in history, the Democrats would be supporting a character who openly embraces socialism, who seeks to get to the White House to repeat, this time to a gigantic scale, the same tragedy that already took place in Cuba or Venezuela. Following the radical left tactics, Bernie Sanders aims to come to power by attracting youth and minorities with  promises of “free health care for all” and “free higher education.”

Yes, we all like “free stuff”. But as my wise grandmother used to say, nothing is free in this world and someone must pay at the end. Thus, when Anderson  Cooper  of “60 Minutes” asked  him about the actual  cost  of his  “free stuff”  program  Bernie  didn’t  want to  answer, saying  that  billionaires would pay for it and that he wouldn’t  go into detail of “nickels and pennies.” And he did not want to answer because he knows well that his plan is so costly and crazy that it would mean the bankruptcy and destruction of our nation and its industrial base.  Sean  Hannity of  Fox News, however, made a list of the initial measures that the “crazy” Bernie would apply to fund his socialist adventure in America:

A 4% income tax raise for income more than $29,000; Additional 7.5% percent payroll tax (which would be charged to the consumer); Raising the top marginal tax rate to 52%; Capital gains tax raise; Death tax raise (up to 77%); Raising the corporate income tax rate to 35%; $3,085 trillion tax on the fossil oil industry and 2 trillion tax on “large corporations.”

My grandmother was right. Someone would have to pay for Bernie Sanders’ socialism and that someone starts with the working class who would suffer a brutal tax increase, and even after death Bernie would come to charge us the “death tax.” The list of other corporate taxes would eventually close our sources of work and collapse our energy industry, making us dependent on China and the Arab countries again.

Hispanics in the United States know well that when the government gets big and gets its hands on the economy, the result is always corruption and more corruption. Looking ahead to the November election Bernie Sanders has nothing good to offer us. Cubans and now the millions of Salvadorans who fled their country know that socialism destroyed their economies. The people of Bolivia and Nicaragua know this and now Venezuela, who suffers and fights against the narco-dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. Only Bernie Sanders doesn’t know!

The socialism that Bernie Sanders wants to sell us not only failed everywhere in the world where it was applied, it is also a brutal ideology enemy of our family, traditional and religious values.   Wherever Marxist socialism is established, churches are closed and ministers persecuted. Schools are controlled to brainwash our children with atheism and rebellion against parents and authority.

Bernie Sanders and all the Democrat candidates are also fervent supporters of free abortion on demand. Bernie even thinks abortion is the solution to end with “overpopulation” in poor countries in Latin America and large Hispanic families (CNN Presidential Town Hall, September 2016). Indeed, abortion has decimated disproportionately the Latino and black communities in America.

But that’s not all, during the presidential debate on February 25, Bernie Sanders announced his big proposal to “help” blacks, native Americans and Latinos: Permits to open marijuana dispensaries in our communities! The contrast cannot be more striking. While President Donald Trump has boosted the economy by opening new opportunities with millions of jobs and reducing unemployment among blacks and Latinos to a historic level, Bernie Sanders wants to make us addicted, promoting marijuana use among our children and students.

Bernie Sanders and his love for Castro have not only insulted tens of millions of citizens from Cuban and many other countries who came to America escaping for the terror and misery of socialism/communism. This arrogant socialist professor from Vermont, who barks against capitalism while he himself is a millionaire with three mansions, has despised the Hispanic people with his socialist “free stuff” program. Hispanics don’t come to America to live off welfare and sell marijuana. We come in search of the American dream, a decent job, a better future and safety for our children. That’s why we’re voting for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

About The Author
Juan Vega I was born in the State of Mexico, in a very populous municipality named Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl. I went to high school at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I quit college early to pursue my dream to open my own business. As an entrepreneur, I was very successful back in the ’90s launching my own company of distribution in the editorial field. My company managed the distribution of more than one hundred of the most prestigious cultural magazines in Mexico City. I had the opportunity to visit Argentina, Brazil, and the United States on many occasions to open and consolidate commercial relations with other editorial companies. I migrated to the United States in 2004, and later, I became a proudly U.S. citizen. I registered as a Republican the very same day I received my certificate of naturalization. I took the Oath of Allegiance very seriously and decided to deepen my understanding of the foundation and History of the United States. As a Hispanic immigrant, I always felt a great responsibility to assimilate and be assimilated by the culture of my new homeland. In 2016 the message of Donald Trump, debating with the other 16 Republican candidates, made a significant impact on my wife and me, and very soon, we became enthusiastic supporters of his candidacy. We joined the Republican National Hispanic Assembly in California. I am also a member and supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Judicial Watch, and the Heritage Foundation.
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