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RNHA Florida Provides Aid to PR Earthquake Victims
February 19, 2020 International Affairs,Local Politics,RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

Santiago Avila Jr, the Chairman of RNHA Florida took a team from RNHA Florida to provide aid to the People of Guanica, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has been suffering from large Earthquakes and the territory has been devastated. Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans have been displaced. RNHA Florida collected 500 lbs of donations which

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight
September 28, 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month,History,Latest RNHA NEWS

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly acknowledges the achievement in history of Jenniffer “JGO” González-Colón, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, USA. Jenniffer “JGO” González-Colón was elected November 8th, 2016 as Puerto Rico’s sole Representative to the U.S. Congress, known as Resident Commissioner. The first woman to hold the office, Ms. Gonzalez-Colón received the most votes (over

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