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The Hispanic vote Lead Rick Scott To Victory
January 31, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,RNHA News Articles Rosanna Gonzales

Hispanic American voters and Governor Rick Scott created a Spanish Campaign Ad (shown above) before the elections. Apparently, his efforts to reach out to his Hispanic constituencies did indeed work in his favor as he came to victory in the November 2018 Mid-term elections. Recently, Florida’s Hispanic voters, as well as the GOP party membership,

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly Endorses Rick Scott for Senate
November 2, 2018 Endorsements RNHA Endorsement

Florida- Over the last couple of years, the RNHA has observed Rick Scott operate as governor of the great state of Florida. Since taking office he implemented a Florida First and America First Agenda. As Governor, he implemented policies that brought back jobs to Florida and stabilized the economy. Prior to becoming Governor, he worked

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