Santiago Avila Jr

Santiago Avila, Jr.

National Vice-Chair

Chairman Avila is the founder and CEO of eLev8 Florida, LLC, a Florida-based consulting and marketing firm with local and state clientele. He also dedicates his time to charities and volunteering for causes he believes in. Chairman Avila is of Cuban and Mexican descent and was born in Chicago, Illinois. As a former Youth Pastor, He enjoys involvement with the youth in his community. He believes that youth groups and youth clubs can help keep today’s youth out of trouble, providing a much-needed vehicle to address challenges and contribute to a sound foundation for future success.

As a business owner, he understands the meaning of hard work. He knows the frustrations that are involved in regards to dealing with the government and its inefficiency. He also understands the difficulties involved in opening a new business and wants to help the community be informed. Chairman Avila is a social media influencer known as “The Constitutional Conservative” and hosts a Podcast called Hispanics Lead Right with a listenership of over 25K people worldwide. He has had Elected Officials like Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rick Scott, Congressman Michael Waltz, and Congressman Byron Donalds on his show. We have included links below of State and National appearances, Chairman Avila has done for community events on behalf of the RNHA.

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