Texas Foodie Agriculture Trends & Economic Developments

Texas Foodie Agriculture Trends & Economic Developments
October 15, 2021 Comments Off on Texas Foodie Agriculture Trends & Economic Developments Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Amanda Friedeck

The Lone Star State is known around the nation for its own original cultural trends. Foodie trends that impact (and are impacted by) agriculture are not the least of these, and everything really IS bigger in Texas! Such trends drive economic development and advancement in a meaningful way. From rural communities to giant metropolises, this is a huge boon that serves people both physically and soulfully. A great eatery can serve its community financially as well: job and career opportunities are never in short supply in the food industry.

Tying all these aspects together, we can consider seasonal and yearly Farmer’s Markets. Local small business owners invest in and showcase their own American Dreams to promote their hard work to those customers that know and appreciate the quality and value of locally sustained goods.

As in any other business and walk of life, rules and regulations are part of the game. Different state and local permits may be required, and the Texas Department of State Health Services, along with Cottage Food Production Operations, enforce these statutes and provide
information so that establishments know what is necessary to comply. Local farmers and ranchers can really reap substantial rewards from a well-prepared and executed Farmer’s Market exhibition. These rewards can be fiscal, social, expansionary, or a combination of all three! Networking is important in any industry and agriculture is no different.

This simple professional courtesy can and does work wonders for any business. Meeting the right person or partner can result in substantial growth for a business and its community: new storefronts, production kitchens, wholesalers, and much more can be on the line. Texas
Department of Agriculture can provide anyone interested in proper licensing and registration with whatever information they seek when deciding to follow their dreams in this industry.

Texas remains a leader in economic development and proudly showcases influential trends in the agriculture and food industry. For example, Texas Dairy is thriving, as evidenced in the State Comptroller’s Economic Fiscal Notes. These unique trends will change over time, but Texas (and Texans) will always push the limits on how far and fast our Nation grows. This Fall, when you head out to your favorite local farmers market, pause to consider and appreciate just how many culinarians, businesses, farmers and ranchers help to make those events and products possible.

About The Author
Amanda Friedeck Amanda Sue Friedeck was born in Corpus Christi, Texas to Silvestre and Melinda Rodriguez. Being raised in a military family, the family finally settled in Alice, Texas in 1998 to make their American Dream happen: they established Silver Star Food Stores. After graduating from Alice High School, Amanda Sue obtained an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary, and a Jurisprudence Masters in American Legal Studies. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at Liberty University's Helms School of Government with a concentration in Public Policy (Economic Policy) while operating her own local business and serves on many executive committee boards such as the Alice Housing Authority, VFW Auxiliary 8621, and the Alice Hub City Chamber of Commerce. Joining the local party in 2015 while pregnant with her second child, Amanda felt the need to get involved to help others. The next few years saw her become the youngest County Chairwoman in 2018 and Republican Party of Texas SD 20 Volunteer of the Year in 2019. In addition, she was instrumental in the Jim Wells County Republican party as a Principal Advocate, resulting in a historic flipping Republican for the first time ever in 2020. Amanda Sue Friedeck is a mother of three children and is currently residing with her husband Garrett Friedeck in Alice, Texas.
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