The Biden Administration Deports for Cuban Illegals

The Biden Administration Deports for Cuban Illegals
June 2, 2023 Comments Off on The Biden Administration Deports for Cuban Illegals International Affairs, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

The Biden Administration recently announced it is resuming deportation flights for Cuban migrants that enter the U.S. borders illegally. In April, ICC sent its first deportation flight to Havana since 2020 and marked the return to air removal of Cuban illegal aliens. According to CBS News, The Department of Homeland Security stated

“The United States has a longstanding policy of removing to their country of origin all foreign nationals who lack a legal basis to stay in the United States. This policy applies to all non-citizens regardless of nationality, including Cuban nationals,”

The Cuban Ministry of the Interior stated in a Twitter post that the United States stopped 83 individuals at the border and another 40 individuals entering indirectly at Sea.

The Biden Administration implemented this policy as part of its “crackdown” on illegal border crossings after illegal immigration almost tripled last year. President Biden agreed to accept and fly 30,000 Mexican immigrants each month as long as the immigrants enter the U.S. legally and have U.S. sponsors. In return, Mexico is supposed to accept the 30,000 Cubans, Nicguarans, Haitians, and Venezuelans that the U.S. turns away at the border each month.

The U.S. Border Officials reported that 221,000 Cuban illegal aliens were processed by ICC in the fiscal year 2022. In the report, U.S. border officials attributed the increase in Cubans migration to the United States is due to the economic crisis in Cuba. According to the CBS article, the Coast Guard reported a 638% increase in Cubans illegal immigrants intercepted at sea between 2021-2022. An estimated 6, 182 Cuban illegal immigrants were intercepted during that time between the Floria Straits and the Carribean.

In a video clip released by the Guardian, President Biden tells Cubans, Nicquarians, and Hatiains not to cross the U.S. Border illegally but instead to apply for the U.S.’s new parole program. The parole program builds on Title 42 of the U.S. public health order by allowing qualifying individuals vetted by the U.S. Government to fly to the United States ports of entry if they are backed by U.S. supporters. In addition to the supporter requirement, Cubans will have to meet other eligibility requirements. 

The two-year parole program allows individuals to apply for a status adjustment in accordance with the Cuban Adjustment Act. During the time of the parole period, the individuals will be able to apply for humanitarian relief or other immigration benefits including working and contributing to the United States of America. 

When the parole period ends, Cuban individuals not granted permanent immigration status must leave the U.S. prior to their authorization expiring. Any individual in the United States after the parole period ends will be taken to processing and deported from the United States of America.  

Recently, Republicans in the Senate and the House have grown concerned about the parole program and its legality. Texas and 20 Republican lead states are currently filing a lawsuit against the Biden Administration stating that the Department of Homeland Security has exceeded its authority in this matter. 

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