Maduro’s and His Globalist Godfathers at the UN

Maduro’s and His Globalist Godfathers at the UN
January 17, 2020 Comments Off on Maduro’s and His Globalist Godfathers at the UN International Affairs, News Column, RNHA News Articles Juan Vega

“Maduro receives a chair bathed in blood”

Amid cries of opposition and worldwide discontent, Nicolas Maduro’s regime received on 17 October 2019, the official appointment to fill the vacant chair on the UN Human Rights Council, a place left by Cuba.  No one would better describe this shameful decision of the UN General Assembly than Venezuela’s opposition leader and interim president, Juan Guaidó, who said that “Maduro receives a chair bathed in blood.” Thus, the Venezuelan regime would occupy this seat for a period of two years.

The inherited chair is indeed bathed in blood.  The Cuban communist dictatorship has been accused for decades of murdering, imprisoning, and torturing thousands of opponents to the Castro regime. It has been also accused of sheltering notorious bloodthirsty terrorists who have left a wake of pain and death throughout the American Continent. Cuba is a country of beautiful and laborious people, but a nation that suffers today in their own flesh the social and moral misery imposed by communism.

The UN’s political decision to give a lifeline to dictator Maduro is outrageous because it seeks to minimize or erase from the world’s attention the bitter tragedy suffered today by the Venezuelan people.  This horrible decision is also a good example of the moral bankruptcy of the UN, now controlled by forces of the globalist left and billionaires like George Soros.

It is not possible to calculate the human pain and damage to the economy that the Chavista tyranny has caused to Venezuela, but 3 million people have been forced to leave their homes and their entire life behind to live as refugees in neighboring countries. A violent displacement of the population so massive that it can only be compared to the exodus suffered by the people of Cuba after 1959, or El Salvador during the civil war declared by the Marxist guerrillas of the FMLN in 1981.

Maduro doesn’t come with clean hands either. His regime faces countless allegations of murder, disappearances, torture and other human rights violations. In fact, in the face of pressure from several nations and personalities, the UN itself had to pass a resolution on 27 September, known as Resolution 42/25, which appoints an urgent commission, composed of three high-ranking officials on a mission to Venezuela in order to collect evidence on these allegations

The decision at the UN to pat Maduro on the shoulder clashes with the whole mountain of evidence weighing against the violence unleashed by the regime against the population. In August 2017, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) had already submitted a detailed report of “possible” extrajudicial arrests and disappearances, between 1 April and 31 July, following the crackdown ordered by Maduro against protesters, where more than 124 people were killed at the hands of his armed thugs.

The NGO Venezuela Judicial Forum reported that, during the same period, the regime arrested 5,054 opponents (including 410 children), who had to appear before military courts and several hundreds sentenced to months in prison. The NGO report describes physical and sociological torture carried out by the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), the National Military Counter-Intelligence Directory (DGCIM), and the Bolivarian National Guard (militarized police).

The people of Venezuela are increasingly willing to shake off this dictatorship. And they show their conviction on the streets, despite the violence of Maduro’s thugs. Although Maduro has full control of radio and television, courageous journalists and YouTubers are broadcasting real news over the internet. Norbey Marín’s channel, “Until the Tyranny Falls” is visited every week by tens of thousands of Latin Americans who love the real and cheerful Venezuela. The channel of the prestigious journalist Napoleon Bravo is also obligatory for those who seek the truth and a prosperous and victorious future for Venezuela. There is also the Social News channel and others.

President Donald Trump’s firm action to liquidate the greatest terrorist leader of Iran’s security forces, General Soleimani, was seen with great sympathy and raised greatly the spirits of the Venezuelan people to continue fighting for the return of democracy. The acting president for Congress, Juan Guaidó, is giving a tremendous fight so that Maduro does not end up taking over the National Assembly through dirty tactics of persecution and imprisonment of representatives from the opposition.

The investiture of Juan Guaidó as leader of the House and the interim president is recognized by more than 50 countries. President Donald Trump’s administration was the first to recognize Guaidó. The list continues with 19 countries of the European Union, Canada, France, Australia and from the Lima Group among others. Supporting the current dictatorship in Venezuela we have Iran, Russia, China, Nicaragua, and Cuba. This notorious list says it all. And that is why Maduro seeks to legitimize his dictatorship by participating in international forums.

But as the saying goes:  The monkey, though dressed in silk, monkey stays. Thus, the regime of Nicolas Maduro, even if his left-wing globalist godparents at the UN lend him credentials and diplomatic clothing, the long tail and hooves of this dictator always peek out of the suit.

Maduro, hands off the Venezuela National Assembly Now!

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