The First Lady Melania Trump Spends Her Holiday Time with Children

The First Lady Melania Trump Spends Her Holiday Time with Children
January 2, 2020 Comments Off on The First Lady Melania Trump Spends Her Holiday Time with Children Local Politics, RNHA News Articles, Trump, White House Rosanna Gonzales

The First Lady Melania Trump spent her holiday season the place she spends the majority of her time, exclusively with the children. Mrs. Trump is involved with children’s hospitals visiting sick children. The First Lady Mrs. Trump’s cause is the “Be Best” campaign focused on the wellbeing of children. This is especially true during this past Christmas season.

In December 2019, Mrs. Melania Trump returned to the Children’s National Hospital of Washington, DC continuing a 60-year Annual tradition. The First Lady brought with here Mr. and Mrs. Claus who read to the children from the storybook, Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle series written by Todd Zimmerman. The book series is about a little ornament who faces difficult challenges but learns to overcome them.

On December 6th, Mrs. Trump arrived in London to visit with the children of the Salvation Army. She helped the little children with a few Christmas crafts, such as Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees. The children excitedly welcomed Mrs. Trump as she was there, with an American Christmas song titled “All I want for Christmas is You”. The First Lady also donated presents for the charity’s holiday toy drive which consisted of white baseball caps, white frisbees, and soccer balls all stamped with the logo “Be Best” her children and youth campaign.

Some other gifts donated by American families also were board games, and stuffed animals and the Christmas tree was decorated with “Be Best” ornaments. As she parted from the events she handed out “Be Best” ornaments to the children. The Salvation Army Band was present and played the American classic “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. While the First Lady was there she also helped assist the United States Marines in bagging gifts into Christmas bags as reported in USA Today.

America’s First Lady is always where she is needed the most by many people, welcoming guests to the White House from both around the nation and around the world. The First Lady and the President brought resources to the children in distress and spoke words of encouragement to those who grieved the loss of their loved ones.

First Lady Melania Trump will be remembered throughout the ages of her golden heart. She is a model of what a good mother and woman should be.

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