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I was pondering all day today as to how I wanted my first essay to be as an RNHA contributing writer. Forgive me for using that word “essay,” as I’m sure it sparks some unpleasant college experiences (or perhaps pleasant ones, if you, like myself, enjoy writing), but I feel that would best describe the style in which I write, and I will explain why below.

There are so many topics I want to cover and will cover, but I finally concluded that I need to speak on a subject that we as Americans take for granted, even though it is the essence of what it means to be an American, and that is the gift of freedom. Last Thursday evening I had the honor of attending the Hispanic Vote Community Leaders Meeting.

I’ve never really considered myself a “community leader,” more of an active volunteer. But recently my volunteer activities have evolved into leadership positions with the Cape Coral Business Alliance and the Minority Mental Health Task Force, which meant I somehow
qualified. I honestly felt out of place compared to my more successful colleagues but was nevertheless privileged to be there.

Our keynote speaker was Congressman Byron Donalds. You may be familiar with Southwest Florida’s rising star from his many appearances on Fox News. I’m blessed to have met Byron during his first campaign in 2012, which was also my first campaign as a volunteer. Both of us young political novices, with a passion for service and a commitment to constitutional values.

Byron placed fifth in that election but went on to serve as a State Representative, and now serves as our Representative in Congress. Byron told the story of an Afghani soccer player who had his whole life ahead of him but gave it up to escape his country. When he failed to reach a military jet in time, this player in his prime chose to hang from its side rather than stay in Afghanistan. He would try to defy even the laws of nature to escape the horrors that would await his country.

Like many of you reading this now, my heart has been breaking for the people of Afghanistan. What has been most devastating for me is this: the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces gave the Afghanis a gift…the gift of freedom. It was a wonderful gift, and Joe Biden stole that gift from them. Like the Harry Potter spell Finite Incantatum, Joe Biden waved his elder wand and magically undid all the progress our soldiers made.

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Sean Hartman Sean Hartman is the former Vice President of the Southwest Florida Young Republicans, the current Government Affairs Director for the Cape Coral Business Alliance, and a future candidate for Cape Coral City Council in 2022. Sean, who is on the autism spectrum, joined the GOP in 2012 because they were the party that believed in giving people like him opportunities, not handouts. He knows from experience the damage that is caused when the government labels you "disabled", but unlike many trapped in that label, Sean chose freedom over government dependence. A policy nerd, Sean will be writing less on the depressing news of the day, and more on solutions to the problems our great country faces.
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