President Trump’s Policies Benefit Latinos and African Americans

President Trump’s Policies Benefit Latinos and African Americans
October 2, 2019 No Comments » Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Manuel Perez

Quality of life for Latinos and African Americans are improving since President Trump took office in 2016, whether the Democrat-controlled media wishes to publicize it or not.  Employment has been the highest in American history, and many are breaking away from government assistance programs and re-entering the job market. This is a turning point for low-income communities and citizens who want to work and improve the lives of their families. Statistics show that Hispanic unemployment has dropped to 4.2% in the United States due to the policies put in place by the Trump administration. President Trump has also signed the Prison Reform Bill in order to help nonviolent men and women who are serving unjust prison sentences to receive earlier release dates. This would effectively allow at least 2,600 inmates to apply for early release.

Benefits for minorities continue as an executive order establishes more “opportunity zones” with HUD so that corporations are encouraged to invest and help rebuild impoverished neighborhoods through tax breaks. These actions that the president has taken will greatly benefit low-income communities which again are predominately African American and Latino.

We cannot go on without mentioning how during the time that President Trump has been in office, gang-ridden places like Chicago where young Latino and African American boys die every day are becoming safer.  According to the statistics on “AP News,” there were 770 Homicides in 2016. It dropped down to 660 in 2017 and 561 in 2018. The murder rate had once sky-rocked towards the end of Obama’s term but as we can see, it has been declining since President Trump took office.

Latino and African American Trump supporters see beyond the noise of the Media. They know the effect of President Trump’s policies on the Latino community. They see promises made and promises kept. Like the famous cliché says, “actions speak louder than words.

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