The RNHA interviews Bradley Blakeman

The RNHA interviews Bradley Blakeman
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Bradley Blakeman was a former Deputy Assistant for the George W. Bush Administration from 2001-2004 and currently appears regularly on FOX News as a Republican Strategist. The RNHA had the privilege to interview him about his views on our current political climate and the RNHA.

Mr. Blakeman believes that politics is filled with incivility and unacceptable behavior. He said that the constant use of labeling is toxic and “tends to separate people.” In order to see change, he says that the people “need to be less political and more patriotic.” The love of country is something that should not be looked down upon, Blakeman says, “we are all American. We need to compromise.” Blakeman is a true believer of discussion and states that we need to come together to solve problems.

Coming together is no easy task, however, it is not impossible. The mission of the RNHA is to increase Hispanic-American participation in Republican politics further strengthening the party. Blakeman said that the RNHA and similar groups are “extremely helpful and necessary.” He emphasized on the importance of Latino outreach, he said that it is not enough “to ask for [the Latino] vote, you need to give them a reason and affinity to vote for Republicans.” In order to complete this task, Blakeman says that the GOP needs to focus on not only recruitment but also, retention.

When asked about immigration, Blakeman said “Immigration should be tackled in individual Bills instead of a giant omnibus bill. We need to deal with border security, DACA, merit immigration, and a pathway to citizenship for those who came here illegally but want to stay and or work. America was complicit in illegal immigration by having porous borders and needed jobs. We turned a blind eye and now we must deal with it once and for all.”

On December 27th, Blakeman was quoted by President Trump in a tweet:

Bradley Blakeman serves as an example for many and understands the importance of unity within the party. The RNHA thanks him for his insight and for accepting the interview.

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