UK elections conservative win and what it means for POTUS

UK elections conservative win and what it means for POTUS
December 14, 2019 Comments Off on UK elections conservative win and what it means for POTUS Business, International Affairs, Latest, Op-Ed, RNHA News Articles, Trump, White House Aaron Ruiz

The British pound surged 2.5% after the news came out that the conservative party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, won the majority against the Labor Party (365-203). Labour had not lost this bad since the 1930s, proving the case that neither the UK or the USA are ready to embrace socialism. The progressive left wing of the Democratic Party should be rethinking their strategy for 2020. Today’s vote brought relief to the White House as the possibility of a catastrophic relationship with a leader like Jeremy Corbin, an outspoken socialist with an agenda to Nationalized as many industries as possible, turned into a hopeful outcome.

The new British parliament will become a strong ally to the U.S. as President Trump, and Prime Minister Johnson have a lot in common, especially regarding fiscal policy. I’m looking forward to seeing two of the best negotiators go head to head to try to make their best deal for their country. We are looking forward to that spectacle. It is crucial for the U.S. and Britain to build a very strong and strategic alliance. This alliance will become increasingly important as they stand against the newly formed partnership between Russia and China.

I am reminded of the Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher duo as I see Trump and Johnson together. What President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher achieved for their respective countries was superb. Again and again, it shows that small Government, deregulation, lower taxes, and free markets leads to prosperity and freedom.

With Prime Minister Johnson at the helm, I see great things ahead for the UK in 2020 and beyond as they navigate through the challenges that will come from Brexit. And with President Trump continuing to remove barriers for American businesses to expand and add more jobs, the future is bright for the U.S. too.

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Aaron Ruiz Aaron Ruiz Caballero is a Mexican born American, husband and father of 4 children. He serves as the Southeastern Regional Director for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA). He is an entrepreneur, and deeply in love with Jesus Christ. Aaron’s call is to make heavenly wisdom and humility cool and trendy. He is passionate about capitalism and believes it is God’s preferred system for prospering an entire nation. He hopes to inspire a generation of Americans who seek to become virtuous individuals. He enjoys reading, following the financial markets around the world, learning history, sharing God’s word and spending time with his beautiful wife, Veronica. He resides in Boerne TX.
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