Urgent Lessons from the Animal Farm
November 22, 2019 Comments Off on Urgent Lessons from the Animal Farm International Affairs, Local Politics, Op-Ed, RNHA News Articles Juan Vega

The year 2020 will be the scenario of one of the most decisive elections in the history of the nation. Republican President Donald Trump will seek his re-election by upholding the promise of more prosperity, jobs, and security in the country and its borders. Trump will face the Democratic Party candidate and its new radical left-wing demagoguery, which seeks to turn us into another Venezuela. The whole world will be impacted, for better or worse, by this choice between a republic or a totalitarian socialist state.

The year 2020 will also mark the 75th anniversary of the first edition of the book Animal Farm, by the English writer George Orwell. In 1945, the year of its publication, the world was coming out of the horrible nightmare of World War II. European democratic nations had been invaded by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi German troops. It is estimated that more than 75 million human beings lost their lives during the conflict. The Jewish people were the first victim of the Nazis, first with prison and then with extermination.

The bloodbath brought by Nazism only ended when the United States entered the war, raising morality and giving strong logistical support to European allied nations and the Soviet Union (USSR), which had then become a communist state. The United States paid with the lives of more than 400,000 brave American soldiers to liberate Europe from Hitler’s claws. But there were still two big questions in the air: How was it possible that in so few years Hitler’s National Socialist party would become such a brutal totalitarian state, bringing so much devastation to the world? And what was everyday life really like within the USSR, after more than two decades of socialism?

Orwell’s book would respond ingeniously but deeply to this.  Animal Farm is a fable that narrates the rebellion of animals on a small farm in England. Tired of hard work and mistreatment, the animals decide to drive out their human masters. However, as the months passed, food shortages begin and in the face of the crisis, the pigs proclaim themselves new administrators. With weak opposition from animals, pigs gain more and more power and privileges until the day comes when they settle in the house of the former masters, abusing and suppressing the animals, even worse than humans did.

The Animal Farm is a courageous critique of Joseph Stalin’s communist regime in the USSR. Being the USSR military ally of the United States, it was until Hitler’s defeat in 1945 that the world could see more clearly (and with horror) that people in the USSR were also living under hell, where ordinary citizens were tortured and crushed by the boot of the Communist Party.  Critics and dissidents were arrested, shot or taken to psychiatric facilities or concentration camps in Siberia. The so-called “Socialist paradise” was, in fact, a mirage.

Orwell’s fable shows that socialists, communists, and fascists share a fascination for a totalitarian bureaucratic state (or big brother, as Orwell calls it.) For this reason, when Hitler was defeated, the USSR broke the agreements and by force made the communist half of Europe. A few years later armed communist guerrillas would also take power in China, North Korea, Cuba and now Venezuela. The result is always the same; misery, hunger and above all prison and repression of citizens.

The lessons of Animal Farm are more urgent than ever in our country and the rest of the world. With Hillary Clinton’s 2016 electoral defeat, the Democratic Party completely lost its mind and opened its doors to left-wing forces seeking the destruction of our nation from within.  The socialist left always promises justice, equality, welfare, and free services but once they come to power they become despotic dictators, just like the pigs in the Animal Farm.

The Barack Obama administration scandal, which used state agencies (FBI, CIA, DJ, etc.) to illegally spy on Donald Trump’s campaign and the attempts of the “deep state” to overthrow  him  by a coup, is a terrible and shameful example of how supporters of the totalitarian state (the swamp) works in the shadows to destroy democracy.

Our country is great and powerful because of our Constitution and flag shelter and protects all citizens, regardless of race, origin or religious creed. “A Nation Under God”. That is why we must be vigilant and not be captivated by the singing of pigs, who promise to come and give us free things and glittery mirrors in exchange for our freedom. The United States will never be another Venezuela! Vote Trump 2020!

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Juan Vega I was born in the State of Mexico, in a very populous municipality named Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl. I went to high school at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I quit college early to pursue my dream to open my own business. As an entrepreneur, I was very successful back in the ’90s launching my own company of distribution in the editorial field. My company managed the distribution of more than one hundred of the most prestigious cultural magazines in Mexico City. I had the opportunity to visit Argentina, Brazil, and the United States on many occasions to open and consolidate commercial relations with other editorial companies. I migrated to the United States in 2004, and later, I became a proudly U.S. citizen. I registered as a Republican the very same day I received my certificate of naturalization. I took the Oath of Allegiance very seriously and decided to deepen my understanding of the foundation and History of the United States. As a Hispanic immigrant, I always felt a great responsibility to assimilate and be assimilated by the culture of my new homeland. In 2016 the message of Donald Trump, debating with the other 16 Republican candidates, made a significant impact on my wife and me, and very soon, we became enthusiastic supporters of his candidacy. We joined the Republican National Hispanic Assembly in California. I am also a member and supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Judicial Watch, and the Heritage Foundation.
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