Who will be the next Godfather of the Hispanics?

Who will be the next Godfather of the Hispanics?
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President George HW Bush and President Ronald Reagan

The Legacy of Bush ’41 and the Hispanic Community


The recent passing of President George H.W. Bush and the Nation’s solemn goodbyes to his personal and political fortunes appropriately recognized a man of integrity and honesty. A decorated WW2 veteran and leader of several high profile government agencies (The CIA and the United Nations, among others) Bush was widely respected on both sides of the political divide and commonly viewed as a friendly, welcoming individual. His stint as Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) came at a bitter time during the Watergate scandal, and Bush deftly maneuvered the GOP through the tumultuous events and sought daylight with voters when the dust settled.

As President, Bush welcomed voters of all ethnicities and backgrounds to the Republican Party and into the White House.

In particular, Hispanic voters became the beneficiary of his forward looking views, personally transforming a once moribund public liaison office within the White House to an energized office staffed with respected Hispanics.

Working with the RNC, Bush personally directed that each state and county party work hard to not only understand the Hispanic voter, but to engage them in a dialog to understand their concerns. This initiative was not made out of political whole cloth; rather, it was emblematic of Bush’s many years of living in Texas, where the Hispanic Community is an accomplished and powerful political group of voters. One of the President’s proudest accomplishments was the creation of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, to address the educational disparities faced by the Hispanic community. It is a testament to the importance of Bush 41’s unique initiative that Presidents William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have consistently supported the renewal of the initiative.

President George H.W. Bush’s commitment to engaging with Hispanic community reflected his administration’s recognition of the critical role Hispanics play in the overall prosperity of our nation.

At this juncture in our country’s history, it is an open, and important question, whether or not our current President can strengthen the Republican Party’s relationship with the Hispanic voter.

To that end, many Hispanic voters have admired President Trump’s commitment to creating an economic environment where all Americans can improve their standard of living. President Trump understands the unshakeable commitment by Hispanics to their own families and their expectations for health care and education. Trump is not a politician, and his straight-forward remarks, at times, take people aback — but as George H.W. Bush proved many years ago, strong action is necessary to keep government regulation and higher taxes off the backs of voters, and to enable them to recognize their full potential. Trump would do well to continue to emulate George H.W. Bush’s inclusive and welcoming attitude toward the Hispanic voter.



Did you know...
Hispanics are the largest minority voting group. They are not a single race, they come in all colors; Brown/White/Black. 
They also come in different nationalities, customs and traditions. 
Hispanic ethnic groups include Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, South and Central American, or other Spanish or Portuguese culture.
Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Texas have been home to Spanish-speaking peoples since the 16th century, 
long before the U.S. existed.

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