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Robert Cross
National Publisher & Endorsement Officer
Robert Cross is Spaniard and Cuban on his mother’s side. He started his career in public service working in local ministries that provided educational assistance to k-12 students in San Bernardino County, and low-income assistance to disabled people, veterans and refugees. He has been a published in Borgen Project Magazine and Borgen Project Blog, Collaborator, Medium and the Classy Libertarian. Robert earned a master’s degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in History from the California State University of San Bernardino.
Edward Crespo
National Social Media Director
Edward Crespo is the owner of Shepherd’s Watch Security LLC and has been happily married for 27 years to Dámaris Román-Crespo, who together raised two children now two handsome young men venturing out on their life adventures. The importance of serving God, caring for family, loving the flag, and the value of hard work was instilled by the humble example of a factory worker Dad with only a grade school education but made up for it with wisdom and example that rivaled any ivy league education. He was honorably discharged as a Marine aviation mechanic. As a civilian, Ed entered various technical careers but has always paralleled these vocations with his religious and volunteer work. From missions work in Guatemala to 30 years as a Sunday School Teacher, to being a founding member of the largest Christian Hispanic Organization, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference(NHCLC). He was most recently the coordinator for outreach to Hispanics for The National Day Of Prayer in California 2010. Ed Currently works to guard houses of worship for all religions and denominations, including his congregation. Edward enjoys advancing Christian and conservative causes, going to the gun range, but most of all, spending time with family and friends.
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