Luis Figueroa

National 2nd Vice-Chair

Luis Figueroa is a dedicated professional committed to public service and community development. Currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration from the Paris School of Business, Luis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the political arena.

With a business, real estate, and international relations background, Luis possesses a unique perspective that informs his approach to political issues. As the Founder and CEO of Gold Bridge Realty, LLC, he has successfully managed investment portfolios, fostered strategic partnerships, and driven business growth. In addition, his real estate acquisition and development proficiency and international business experience enable him to navigate cross-cultural communication and identify economic opportunities.

Luis has also served in government positions, including as a Regional Director for the Government of Puerto Rico. In this role, he effectively represented the interests of Puerto Ricans and collaborated with federal agencies and state governments to secure funding and promote investments in Puerto Rico. Additionally, he actively participated in coordinating relief efforts with local non-profit organizations during times of crisis.

Committed to community engagement, Luis has held leadership positions in various organizations. He has been actively involved with the Orlando Regional Realtors Association and served as a member of the Rotary International Club, where he demonstrated his dedication to service and leadership.

Luis holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Business Administration with a focus on international business from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Driven to make a positive impact, Luis is eager to leverage his knowledge, experience, and the ongoing pursuit of a doctoral degree to contribute to the political discourse and advocate for the community’s well-being.

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