Eduardo Andrade

National Committeeman


I was born in Panama and immigrated to the United States with my mother and sister because she wanted better opportunities for our family. Through her hard work and dedication, I was able to adopt a strong conservative work ethic that has proved essential to my American dream. From receiving a full athletic scholarship for track to go to college, majoring in history during undergrad, public administration and policy during my masters, or becoming one of the youngest campaign managers for a United States Congressman, there is no land like the land of opportunity.

I have been involved in my community since I was in college. As SGA President then, I learned the importance of ensuring people are being listened to and have a real voice in the room. From then on I have stayed engaging with county GOPs on how they can better reach out to the Latino community through voter contact methods and holding community events where people feel comfortable and accepted. I have pushed more outreach from our elected officials on how they can start getting involved with the Latino community and helped start a citizenship class for those getting ready to take the test.


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