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Border Crisis and Cages: Democrats or Republicans? We know!
July 14, 2019 International Affairs,Latest,News,Trump,White House Rey Torres

Legitimately concerned by an increasing border crisis, the Trump administration is asking for Congress to pass legislation on comprehensive immigration reform. However, not including the multiple times Democrats have voted against any border relief funds to address the crisis, two Republican-led bills presented were overwhelmingly defeated this past year with a 100% vote against the

Nevada’s Day of Redress of Grievances
April 5, 2019 Local Politics,News Rosanna Gonzales

Nevada’s Day of Redress of Grievances Rosanna Gonzales April 5th, 2019   Nevada – American Patriots came out wearing their MAGA hats along with pro-American gear, ready to address the specific issues of securing American borders. Nevada patriots gathered at 8:30 am Saturday and took a stand against sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. They came

Op-Ed: Honoring Immigration and National Security, Separately
March 19, 2019 Local Politics,News,Op-Ed Javier Castro

Op-Ed: Honoring Immigration and National Security, Separately Javi Castro March 19, 2019 Our recent southern border crisis has triggered mass hysteria regarding our current national security and immigration policies. As an immigrant myself and a person who studied national security at a top-rated criminal justice college, I feel comfortable shedding some light into the apparent

How Mexican Drug money can pay for our wall
January 22, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Javier Castro

How Mexican Drug money can pay for our wall By Javi Castro As the historic and lengthy government shutdown surpasses one month of hostage negotiations, a brave senator from Texas claims he has the solution. In fact, he had the solution two years ago. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just reintroduced EL CHAPO ACT (S.25) (Ensuring

FLIP-FLOP CHUCK: Do Democrats Really Care About Latinos?
January 5, 2019 Local Politics,News Natalia Godoy

FLIP-FLOP CHUCK: Do Democrats Really Care About Latinos? By Natalia Godoy January 5th, 2019 President Trump had an open meeting with the press at the Oval Office with Senator Schumer and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about border security this past month . During the meeting, Schumer was quick to condemn President Trump over the border

Make Tijuana Great Again
November 30, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

Make Tijuana Great Again By Natalia Godoy November 29th, 2018 We have witnessed first hand how the Democrat Party has glamorized open borders as a way for the radical left to normalize the idea that western sovereignty and territorial rights are imperialistic and non-inclusive. The left uses social justice, moral egalitarianism and manipulation of information through the

The Democrats have failed the Immigrant Community
October 31, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

The Democrats have Failed the Immigrant Community By Natalia Godoy October 31st, 2018   The Democrats have left the impression with their constituency that they punted the ball on one of the biggest issues facing America today, immigration. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been a very outspoken critic of President Trump policies on immigration. However,

Dems, Globalists & their Organized Chaos in the Southern Border
October 22, 2018 News Natalia Godoy

Dems, Globalists & their Organized Chaos in the Southern Border By Natalia Godoy October 22nd, 2018 The Caravan The countdown is on. Fifteen days till the midterm elections. It goes without saying that this is indeed one of the most crucial and important elections of our lifetime. 
However, as we get closer to the elections, here

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