Seven Day Prayer Guide

Welcome RNHA family; peace be with you.

I am humbled to have been asked to take a leadership role with the RNHA prayer effort as we head toward this very important national election. As I join with others to put together this prayer program — we’ll call it the National Presidential Prayer Program — I want to first introduce myself. In short, I’m a sinner saved by grace and a servant here to help. I want us all to feel the importance and intensity of the spiritual battle that we are involved in and to recognize that all of our efforts — the giving of our time and treasure to help achieve victory in November (and these efforts are important) — will fall short without prayers of petition to Almighty God.

Our program will have three parts:

Individual private daily prayer by each of us. I will offer a short bullet point guide (link below) so that we can all be praying as a unified body on certain topics. However, as the Lord leads, please expand this list.
Individual private prayer as a commitment on a certain day between now and election day. If you wish to make a commitment, send me an email at with your first and last name and date(s) that you will pray. I will post this to a spreadsheet and ensure that it is sent out to all of you.

Corporate prayer each Friday at noon Eastern starting on 9/11/20. If additional days are added, I will let you know. A call-in number and access code will be provided to each of you. Upon calling in, you will be in a listen-only mode. One or more individuals will lead the prayer meeting starting with a scripture verse, a short bio, testimony and/or exhortation on a particular topic, and then prayer.

Please be in prayer now for this initiative. Pray that God will provide to us the volunteers who will lead us in prayer each week. Pray that their words will encourage us and exhort us to see more deeply the spiritual battle that we are engaged in and to consequently pray more fervently ourselves. Pray that God will guide us to pray correctly with words that align with His Word. Let us pray, believing that God will answer!

May God bless each of you,

Dan Gibbs
RNHA National Prayer Director