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Hispanic Heritage Spotlight
September 20, 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month,History,Latest,News Rey Torres

José Celso Barbosa, a doctor and a politician, was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico in 1857. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan.  In 1899, he founded the Republican Party of Puerto Rico making him known within Puerto Rico as the “father of the Statehood for Puerto Rico movement.” He was a

OP-Ed: DACA a Dream or a Nightmare?
September 18, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Natalia Godoy

DACA a Dream or a Nightmare? By Natalia Godoy September 12, 2019 When former President Obama took office back in 2008, the Democratic Party had won the majority in votes nationwide to win control of the House of Representatives and Congress. They had total control of the government and the golden opportunity to do the

Hispanic Heritage Spotlight
September 16, 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month,History,Latest,News,Press Releases Rey Torres

Foremost, Daniel is a Christian, a family man and a passionate defender of the American dream – he is a tireless champion for economic freedom and a defender of the individual rights enumerated in America’s Founding Charters.   Hispanic culture means a spirit of service to others (especially the vulnerable, the outcast and the least

Conservative Hispanic Spotlight
September 15, 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month,History,Latest,News,Press Releases,White House Rey Torres

Jennifer S. Korn is Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the Office of Public Liaison.  In this role, Jennifer ensures the White House is building and strengthening coalitions with constituencies across the country, including the Hispanic community. Formerly, Jennifer served as Deputy Political Director at the Republican National Committee (RNC), managing the

Rolling Stones Writer Tessa Stuart Spreads #FakeNews On Women For Trump
September 11, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Rosie Paulsen

Rolling Stones Writer Tessa Stuart Spreads #FakeNews On Women For Trump By Rosie Paulsen September 11,2019 I was recently interviewed by four different reporters during the “Women for Trump” event called “Evening of Empowerment” that was held at the Convention Center in Tampa, FL.  Most of the reporters kept the interview very unbiased but were

Red Flag Laws Are Unconstitutional
September 2, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Robert Cross

The Legislators are introducing legislation called “Red Flag” Laws that will allow the courts to confiscate guns from American citizens.  The way red flag laws work is by allowing a household member or a police officer to file a petition with the court to obtain a temporary firearms confiscation order from a judge in an

Equality Act Is Not All Glitter
September 1, 2019 Constitution,Entertainment,Faith,History,Latest,News,White House Ariel Fierro

Equality Act Is Not All Glitter By Ariel Fierro August 29, 2019  Taylor Swift dazzled the stage at the Video Music Awards in Newark, N.J., with two of her new songs from her new album “Lover.” However, the words “Equality Act” were shown towards the first half of her performance, revealing her full support for

Op-Ed: What Happened to Respect?
August 28, 2019 Constitution,Latest,Local Politics,News,Trump,Uncategorized Ariel Fierro

Whatever Happened to Respect? By: Ariel Fierro August 26, 2019 Respect seems to be thrown out the window along with dignity and common sense within this time of age, where it is desired yet not given. Democratic state senator from Illinois came under fire after photos were posted onto Twitter where supporters at a fundraising

Facebook’s Algorithm Suppresses Conservative Content
August 27, 2019 Latest,Local Politics,News Monica Yelin

Have you ever heard of Facebook curators, internet neutrality, censorship, algorithms?  You are probably wondering what all the above means? You are not alone, these and more happen behind scenes. It is nothing social media users can do about it and many including me have no idea how it works. It is not a secret

ICYMI | CNN Immediately Botches Facts On Trump Admin’s Move To Terminate Flores Settlement
August 25, 2019 International Affairs,Latest,Local Politics,News,Press Releases,Trump,White House Rey Torres

Daily Caller By Amber Athey August 22, 2019 Link to article here. CNN mischaracterized the Trump administration’s new rule on immigration less than an hour after it was announced Wednesday. As the Daily Caller reported Tuesday night, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is establishing national standards for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) family residential

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