Democrat Politics of Death

Democrat Politics of Death
June 16, 2021 Comments Off on Democrat Politics of Death Local Politics, News Column, Op-Ed, RNHA News Articles Rey Torres

The latter portion in New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s term of office has been rife with controversy, bringing national scorn to our gleaming, polished Big Apple.  Of late, Governor Cuomo is drawing still more ire over the nursing home residents’ deaths scandal, as a result of underreported COVID-19 mortality statistics.

When the COVID-19 nursing home patients’ death rate reached 15,000, Governor Cuomo injected his ill-thought out remedy of signing a disorder by Executive Order—a la Biden—that would purportedly protect and reverse previous disingenuous missteps.  How?  By passing Executive Order 202.73 and subsequent modification (E.O. 202.30 and 202.40), which required testing all nursing home employees at least twice per week, as directed by the Commissioner of Health, and under the governor’s direction. This medical decree would now help save nursing home patients from the deadly SARS-CoV-2 to which employees had been exposed.

Almost adding insult to egregious injury, on June 10, 2021, the New York State Department of Health sent a “Dear Administrator Letter” (DAL) – NH-21-13, notifying nursing homes of an exemption for COVID-19 vaccinated employees from the mandated and routine bi-weekly COVID-19 testing, under a revised and signed Executive Order (“E.O.”), #202.88.

These signs of confusion come in the middle of the medical community’s gradual shift in thinking about the COVID-19 virus killer not posing as imminent a threat to relatively healthy employees who are infected.  The fact remains that there is high risk in a fragile and health-vulnerable population as nursing home elderly individuals. Nursing home patients are defined given general comorbidities requiring skilled nursing care.  

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Nursing home residents are at high risk for infection, serious illness, and death from COVID-19.  Testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in respiratory specimens detects current infections (referred to here as viral testing) among residents in nursing homes.”  Bi-weekly employee testing has proven to be an excellent and logical means of prevention and control to save the elderly population in nursing homes from community exposure.

In the past three months, however, at least one nursing home facility in Brooklyn, NY has recorded 123 employees who have been infected with COVID-19, of whom 37 were fully vaccinated.  Of these 123 infected employees, 100% have been asymptomatic. 

Therefore, 37 of the 123, or 30%, were fully vaccinated at the time of infection.  Most telling is that all 123 employees were infected regardless of vaccination or non-vaccination. What this reveals is the high percentage index of those infected who, together with the occurrence of COVID-19 infection, CAN transmit the disease to vulnerable nursing home residents.  This revelation offers stark contrast to multitude false claims to the contrary. 

New York State epidemiologists are justified in calling for all employees to be tested.  It is, indeed, a matter of life or death, as well as a move towards truly protecting our fragile and elderly community.

“If you allow the government to break the law in an emergency, they will create emergencies to break the law” 
RNHA Florida State Chapter

Democrat Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s egotistical and flagrant one-sided political agenda has failed to evaluate the cause and effect of such a dreadful decision.  His original intent was to increase the New York State’s healthcare worker’s poor vaccination numbers.  His licentious actions have been viewed as pandering to unionized workers disenfranchised and distrusting of the government system, whereby minority Latinos and Blacks are traditionally the targeted of experimental drugs. 

The unveiled picture has exposed an ugly policy of slyly urging unvaccinated employees towards vaccinations, and avoiding the what some consider to be a disruptive process of bi-weekly testing.  

Nevertheless, while increasing his numbers may cause his tarnished political image to improve by reporting better numbers for his state, Cuomo will do this at the expense of the ill and vulnerable. By allowing untested COVID-19 positive employees to roam the rooms of patients (as the 30% in our example), he will be causing the death of even more vulnerable residents.  It is time for America to say, “Ya!  Basta!”  Stop the Democrat Politics of Death.

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Rey Torres Rey Torres was born and raised in the US Territory of Puerto Rico (hoping it becomes State 51) and moved later to New York, where he has lived for many years. He is a lifelong Conservative, a Healthcare Administrator, and a dedicated Bible Theology and Christian Education Instructor in New York for over thirty years. Rey is an apologist and author, publishing papers such as “Quantum God: The logical implications of Quantum Mechanics and the existence of God” a persuasive document using scientific reasoning to prove the existence of God. In addition, Rey is a professional musician, a recording artist, and a writer for many Christian artists as Yadira Coradín, Michael Rodriguez, Josue Sánchez, Angel Maldonado, and his wife, Mairén Medina-Torres. A former ordained minister, Rey and his wife Mairén are devoted Evangelical Christians, active with local community outreach events, international missions, and at their local congregation. If you enjoyed the article and would like to see more, become a member or donate to the RNHA today! The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is a not-for-profit organization. We are an independent media institution funded by small donors. We depend on you to continue to produce quality content.