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ALICE, Texas – Trends are essential to keep an eye on in 2023. Especially the growth and encouragement of women-owned and operated businesses around Texas. As a national leader, Texas keeps growing new opportunities and even promotes women in business with The Governor’s Commission for Women. It is known that the State of Texas is the birthplace of 3 million businesses with 99.8% of those being small businesses, and 1.25 million are women-owned.

Did you know that GCW developed sessions that will focus on important topics and available resources for women-owned small businesses? The different series would help to give the opportunity to connect with professional experts and support systems. For example, Legal & Accounting Considerations for Small Businesses and how it helps to learn about a variety of legal and accounting issues to work through as small business owners (new/established).

Various businesses are developing in all areas of Texas. Women are jump-starting their American Dream and giving it a shot of becoming or continuing to be entrepreneurs more than ever in history. For example, women are building their markets from home, food trucks, brick-and-mortar, and small online remote businesses.

In addition, there is also an increase in Hispanic women leading in the business world. This helps offer programs and resources for those seeking to expand their professional horizons. No matter where you are in your occupation journey, there is always room for knowledge and training for the future. That can impact how business owners discuss important topics for their own businesses and how to navigate them from a legal perspective. Making sure all their ducks are in a row.

In rural areas like Jim Wells County, women typically raise children and work for other industries. Women like Katryna Sanchez, a local business owner in Alice, Texas, felt she wanted to do more as a “go-getter” herself. In her heart, Sanchez knew something was missing in her life and talked with her family before taking the leap that changed everything.

By staying true to herself, researching, discussing business plans with other community businesswomen, and self-teaching what she needed to succeed, she opened up Truly Katz Boutique by using Shopify services and opening an online shop. Recently, Sanchez boosted her goals by opening a physical location and gym in rural South Texas and even moving the boutique storefront to Alice, Texas. She wants other women to know that they can do it, too, if she can do it.

The future because of women like Katryna Sanchez stepping up for the family can help also boost local economic development. They are helping to bring interest to other outside networks of business partnerships or investments. These experiences can help keep the growth and opportunities for a rural community that needs a hand in the future. A lot of women empower their missions to other local and state charities that serve a greater part of their communities. As well to help boos focus on how women can indeed serve with a passional power of the heart.

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Amanda Friedeck Amanda Sue Friedeck was born in Corpus Christi, Texas to Silvestre and Melinda Rodriguez. Being raised in a military family, the family finally settled in Alice, Texas in 1998 to make their American Dream happen: they established Silver Star Food Stores. After graduating from Alice High School, Amanda Sue obtained an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary, and a Jurisprudence Masters in American Legal Studies. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at Liberty University's Helms School of Government with a concentration in Public Policy (Economic Policy) while operating her own local business and serves on many executive committee boards such as the Alice Housing Authority, VFW Auxiliary 8621, and the Alice Hub City Chamber of Commerce. Joining the local party in 2015 while pregnant with her second child, Amanda felt the need to get involved to help others. The next few years saw her become the youngest County Chairwoman in 2018 and Republican Party of Texas SD 20 Volunteer of the Year in 2019. In addition, she was instrumental in the Jim Wells County Republican party as a Principal Advocate, resulting in a historic flipping Republican for the first time ever in 2020. Amanda Sue Friedeck is a mother of three children and is currently residing with her husband Garrett Friedeck in Alice, Texas.