Interview with Mayra Rodríguez

Interview with Mayra Rodríguez
June 22, 2023 Comments Off on Interview with Mayra Rodríguez Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Jennifer Barreto-Leyva

RNHA News interviewed Pro-Life Advocate and former Planned Parenthood employee Mayra Rodriguez. Mayra Rodríguez is known as the Abby Johnson of the Hispanics, just as Cristina Saralegui was called “The Latino Oprah” back in the day. Her voice is critical in the pro-life battle because she is not just another activist. Rodriguez worked at Planned Parenthood for 16 years. These so-called healthcare clinics named her director and praised her job, just until she discovered the real deal with them and called them out. Then and just then, the “appreciation” for Mayra, was over.

Determined to clear her name, Mayra (together with Tim Casey, Esq), filed the only wrongful termination lawsuit in U.S. history by an undocumented worker. Following a dramatic two-week trial, the jury unanimously awarded Mayra $3 million in damages against Planned Parenthood. No dollar amount was requested by Mayra’s attorney; the predominantly pro-choice jury’s deliberation took only 3 hours, including her damages award. Mayra’s name was cleared. Mayra´s redemption has been a never-ending test of her faith. Her new life as a pro-life spokesperson has been an eye-opener for those women manipulated and fooled by the abortion agenda, so-called “pro-choice”.

Mayra speaks out on how Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are targeting Hispanic Women: 

Why are Hispanic women a target for so-called “health care” institutions such as Planned Parenthood that promote abortions?

To understand why Hispanic women are a target for the abortion industry we have to remember the eugenicist origins. Minorities have been not only a great target but also great customers. We know as Hispanics we come from large families there is a guarantee of a very profitable business with the Hispanic communities.

Please, explain to us, how and why Planned Parenthood hires undocumented Hispanics.

Back in 1938, Margaret Sanger hired black nurses to help at the centers she opens to control the black community. Just like many employers who hired undocumented people to pay them less, use them, knowing they will be forced to remain silent and afraid of looking for jobs or even being deported. They are easy to prey on.

 How does Planned Parenthood promote abortion among undocumented women at the border?

Not only do they promote abortions but also help the multimillion-dollar sex trafficking industry. Immigrant women are told they are safe having abortions, their immigration case will be easier if they don’t cause a financial burden for the country. Children are forced to have abortions because they belong to the state. Immigrant women that suffer abuse at their employment places are pushed to have abortions and stay quiet so they won’t be sent back. I remember when Arizona was passing strict immigration legislation they would tell patients hospitals would deport them when they delivered your baby. But you are safe here with us, also abortion will make it easier for them to provide for the rest of their family.

Planned Parenthood is behind the hormone blockers too for “sex reassignment”. They warned you about that when you worked for them a few years ago. What else can we expect from them?

We are now facing in many states this practice being called a constitutional right just like abortion with no age limit. No psychological evaluation. No parental consent. I expect them to keep pushing for more legislation that will make it easy for them to target young children. I recently met a Mexican Doctor who was working for Planned Parenthood in San Diego and he shared with us that they will show them videos on what signals to look for on young children to change their gender. Videos showed girls as young as 3 years old. He was also providing abortions with no good ultrasound images.

After a year of the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, do you think this fight is over?

The fight is far from over, many states are doing a great job protecting the unborn while many other states are passing bills far too extreme with no age limits, and no gestational limits. 

You have been on the road praying and doing activism now that you are not part of Planned Parenthood. What has been the hardest for you?

The hardest has been when talking to kids in middle school and seeing how groomed with lies they have been. I feel the pro-life movement is 3 steps behind, especially in many states that have a Hispanic majority. Also the lack of knowledge among the Hispanic community. They don’t know. They don’t think what we say is happening. But to me, the hardest part is watching feminists advocate for something that hurt women.

What is your advice to women of all ages, getting all this propaganda about “health care” (abortion)?

The abortion Industry does not care about women; they don’t care about transgender people. They don’t care about people, period. They care about money. When we advocate for corporations like International Planned Parenthood Federation and Planned Parenthood we are advocating for executives to have more luxury cars. We will continue to fight for women and the unborn until it is unthinkable to kill another human being.

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Jennifer Barreto-Leyva Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is an attorney, journalist, and writer born and based in Venezuela, raised in Puerto Rico. Pro-life activist. Former Fox News correspondent. President of Club de los Viernes chapter Venezuela, General coordinator of Mujeres en libertad. She is part of the editorial national board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. TV and radio host. Former Venezuelan ambassador at the Britts Global organization in the United Nations. Politics analyst in Radio Oasis in Florida and in CTV Barranquilla in Colombia. Opinion columnist in El Político, President of The Ladies Coalition. Founder of the platform El dato político.