HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Provides an Update on Actions to Combat Coronavirus 4/4/2020

HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Provides an Update on Actions to Combat Coronavirus 4/4/2020
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PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re working to ensure that the supplies are delivered where and when they’re needed. In some cases, we’re telling governors ‘we can’t go there, because we don’t think you need it, and we think someplace else needs it.’ And pretty much, so far, we’ve been right about that.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Whenever local shortages are reporting, we’re asking states to immediately meet the demand. And we’re stockpiling large amounts in different areas.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re using the Defense Production Act very powerfully.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “FEMA and HHS have ordered 180 million … N-95 masks. And we’re working now with 3M to see whether or not that all works out, but we want them to help our country.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “With respect to the ventilators, FEMA and HHS continue to monitor the data on an hourly basis where provided by the states in order to most effectively target the distribution of supplies. We’ve been asking states to provide us with daily updates on the number of ventilators and their utilization rates.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Our supply chain logistics task force led by Adm. John Polowczyk – who’s doing a fantastic job – will ensure they’re distributed to the healthcare and critical infrastructure workers in the areas with the most pressing requirements.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “As the situation in Washington state continues to stabilize, we’re returning a 300 bed federal medical station to a different location.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I’m also pleased to report that Oregon will be spending and sending – they’re spending a lot of money, because they really did stockpile well. And they’re also sending 140 ventilators directly to New York, which we appreciate.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re going to be adding a tremendous amount of military to help supplement the states. Thousands of soldiers, thousands of medical workers, professionals, nurses, doctors.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I can also report that, at my direction, 1,000 military personnel are deploying to New York City to assist where they’re needed the most.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “My administration is working very aggressively to pioneer new medical countermeasures to treat and prevent infection.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “As you know, last Saturday the FDA also gave emergency authorization for hydroxychloroquine.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re going to be distributing it through the Strategic National Stockpile. It’s going into the Strategic National Stockpile to treat certain patients. And we have millions and millions of doses of it. 29 million to be exact. In addition to that, we’re making it and we’re also getting it from various other locations and countries.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “This week, the FDA established the Coronavirus Treatment Accelerator program, which is expediting the development of new antiviral and other therapies. And they’re doing it in a very rapid basis.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “HHS continues to speed the development of therapies derived from human blood that have the potential to lessen the severity or shorten the length of the illness.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “In addition to that, Gilead Sciences has initiated a phase three – that’s down the line, meaning – clinical studies of the drug Remdesivir.”

FDA COMMISSIONER HAHN: “We are prioritizing this drug [hydroxychloroquine] to come in for clinical trials, also to general use for physicians.”

FDA COMMISSIONER HAHN: “We on Friday, stood up a formal convalescent plasma program. We have a great deal of enthusiasm for that. There are some reports that this is of benefit to patients in other countries who have had the COVID-19 virus.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Yesterday, the Small Business Administration launched the Paycheck Protection Program to help employers keep paying their workers. In 24 hours, the Small Business Administration and over 1,200 lending partners processed over 28,000 loans – it’s so far ahead of schedule – and billions of billions of dollars. It’s worked out incredibly well.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The SBA also clarified that faith-based organizations, including houses of worship, are eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program – that’s great – as well as the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program – that you’re familiar with – on the same terms as every other applicant.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “If we run out of funding for the employee retention program, I will immediately ask Congress for more money.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Finally, I can report that as of today the State Department has successfully coordinated the safe return of more than 40,000 Americans stuck abroad on over 400 flights from 75 countries.”  


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