President Donald J. Trump Secured a Better Deal for America with USMCA

President Donald J. Trump Secured a Better Deal for America with USMCA
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Officials and business leaders across the Nation are emphasizing the necessity of adopting the USMCA in fueling economic growth and the supporting U. S manufacturing and agricultural industries. Here are some things they to have said:

Sonny Perdue in Herald & Review:

“Illinois stands to benefit in every way with USMCA. Illinois’ farmers, ranchers, and workers are some of the most productive in the world and the future looks bright with USMCA. Now it’s up to Congress to take the next step and ratify USMCA as soon as they return from the August Recess.”

Stephen Censky, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture in the Fresno Bee:

“Agriculture supports nearly 240,000 jobs in California and creates more than $29 billion in value annually. Trade with our neighbors to the north and south helps support this industry, and the passage of USMCA will only further advance and grow California’s economy, specifically the agriculture industry. President Donald J. Trump is fighting for new and better trade deals for America’s farmers, ranchers, and producers. The president has won a better deal for America in USMCA.”

Bill Northey, Agriculture Under Secretary in the Des Moines Register:

“America’s farmers and ranchers are the most productive in the world. Generations of Iowans have devoted their lives to feeding America. It is USDA’s role to help open and expand markets to sell the bounty of our American harvests around the globe. With USMCA, President Trump has delivered on a better deal that will greatly benefit our agriculture industry.”

Senator Chuck Grassley in the Quad Times:

“If ratified by Congress, USMCA would be a boon for Iowa and the entire country. The importance of trade with our North American neighbors can’t be understated. It accounts for nearly one-third of our nation’s agricultural exports, totaling over $40 billion and supporting more than 300,000 jobs.”

Nicole Wolter President of HM Manufacturing in Crain’s Chicago Business:

“The International Trade Commission predicts that the USMCA would create 176,000 new jobs and increase U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico by $19 billion and $14 billion, respectively. … The advantages of passing the USMCA are undeniable. The USMCA will expand Americans’ access to the Canadian and Mexican markets, enable greater global competitiveness and increase American economic prosperity. It will support hardworking Americans who have jobs in manufacturing, both in Illinois and other parts of the country.”

Lucy Dunn, President of the Orange Count Business Council In the Orange County Register:

“The passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, is crucial to preserving California’s rich history of trade and it will help keep the region’s businesses and job market thriving in a fiercely competitive world economy.”

Ron Busby, President of the U.S Black Chambers in the Atlanta Tribune: 

“The number of Black-owned businesses has increased by more than 30 percent over the last decade to 2.6 million. Congress can boost that number even higher by ratifying the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement as signed by all three nations. This recently negotiated trade deal is full of provisions that will help Black-owned businesses create, grow, and thrive for decades to come.”

Jeff Metts, and Daryl Adams, Presidents of Spartan Motors and Dowding Industries in the Lansing State Journals:

“There are no more important trading partners in ensuring our prosperity than our neighbors to the north and south. …Without tariff-free trade across North America guaranteed by the USMCA, however, Michigan’s manufactured goods exported to Canada and Mexico could face a minimum of $1 billion to $5.2 billion in extra taxes. Taxes like that could cripple many Michigan companies.”

These leaders have come out in support of USCMA because it works. Trump’s deal to replace NAFTA brought millions of jobs back to the United States of America. Encourage your local Congressman to ratify the USCMA and support the American workforce.


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