RNHA Interviews Ricardo Rubio For Jim Wells Treasurer

RNHA Interviews Ricardo Rubio For Jim Wells Treasurer
March 20, 2022 Comments Off on RNHA Interviews Ricardo Rubio For Jim Wells Treasurer RNHA News Articles Robert Cross

Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing Ricardo Rubio for Jim Well’s County Treasurer. 

What is your background? What does the country treasurer do?

The County Treasurer is responsible for finances for the county. There needs to be accountability for the county. It needs to be handled with the level of restrictions and needs to go through the county judges and clerks’ office. It ensures that all county employees are paid appropriately and on it. They deal with millions of dollars and the treasurer’s office deals with county grants.

How can we transparency between the Treasurer and the public?

I want to be more open to the public and answer the questions best I can. Sometimes the questions may need to be answered by the Judge or the county commissioner. As the county treasurer, you got to have transparency and be able to account for the money.

What would the County Treasurer department look like after your first 100 days in office?

It will look like the Treasurer will be on time and have accurate information for anyone who asks for it. We will be more efficient and completely transparent with both the county government and the public.

What motivated you to run for office?

My motivation is the Republican party approached me to undertake this because of my background. I am retired from the military and was unpolitical for 20 years. Then I got involved in politics in Freemont and ran for city council and won. I managed to get rid of the corruption in Freemont and made a positive change. I ran for mayor but lost by 11 votes and was honored by the Masonic lodge in Freemont and given the builders award. If given the opportunity, I can enact change and make a difference for the people.

What advice do you have for young republicans looking to get involved?

Don’t hesitate to step and throw your hat into the ring. It may not look advantageous at the time but the change you instill and the attitude you possess could change the world. Not only, for the city, district, or county but the entire Republican Party.


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