RNHA Interviews Bianca Matthews for County Clerk

RNHA Interviews Bianca Matthews for County Clerk
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Tonight I interview Bianca Matthews for County Clerk for Jim Wells County Texas.

What is your background?

I’m 33 years old born and raised in Jim Wells County, the only daughter of Guadalupe Soto. A wife and mother of 4 wonderful children and I’m the first in my family and community to seek office, this is my First Campaign bid. I would be the first Hispanic conservative woman to hold this office in Jim Wells County. Family, faith, and freedom are the issues that guide my every step. Why I feel it’s important to run for this position? What qualifies me? The County Clerk is responsible for all our vital records that are of great importance to us citizens. Keeping our records accessible and updated will ensure that Jim Wells County can proceed into a newer more modern era and that all our constituents have their voices properly heard.

I am a Professional Event Planner and Community Leader. I’ve forged partnerships with communities, organizations, and businesses. I have experience protecting our tax dollars to ensure they are spent where it is needed and that all departments remain in compliance with room to grow. I know that teamwork is important and that my vision isn’t the key, but your needs and wants are the true priority. I feel it’s important to run for this position because it’s the backbone of our voices.

Many know I’m not the typical career politician, but I hope to be the one to inspire everyone to remember that people are the most important part of an election. Anyone of us can be the change if we seek it, that everyone of us can create a change. I’m running to help JWC break the pattern of what’s expected. I’m hardworking, dedicated, and motivated. I want voters to know that if given the opportunity to hold office I will work hard every day on constituent’s behalf without influence of my opinion. I will be dedicated to ensuring that things are always accessible and available for future generations. I am motivated to help the department grow and move into innovating times. I look forward to learning from all before me and leave inspiration for those who follow me after.

During my term, my main goal will be to bring our clerks department into a new and improved website, with resources and important information at our fingertips. This is where citizens can access and order copies and find documents that are needed visit our office, so no extra visits necessary. A platform where our ranchers can upload important documents for cattle brands and property. I also want to improve how we work with different departments and grow to work with other counties so together we can help our citizen to implement “Title Lock” to protect their lands.

Accountability, Transparency, Accessibility, Growth and Innovation are what I seek to bring.

I want to bridge the gap between our people and the government, so no matter the issue they come across they feel they have a place to find those answers and help in a comfortable friendly environment.

What does the County Clerk do?

The County Clerk is responsible for maintaining, securing, and properly achieving all our vital records such as birth certificates, land records, cattle records, death certificates. It is the foundation of the county, when we can accurately maintain and update our records we can correctly account for all citizens, and it will directly impact other departments. When different departments work together well, the voice of our constituents are properly accounted for.

Why is it important to modernize the County Clerks’ office?

It is important to modernize the County Clerks’ office, and everything is going online. Modernizing the office will make it easier to archive documents and make it easier for people to access them. I am a mom and a wife. There is no real platform for the everyday person to get the information and we cannot afford to waste time.

It is important for our cattle ranchers as well. I live around a lot of ranchers, and I see the direct impact of how difficult it is, especially during covid when the government was shut down. Modernizing the department will allow cattle ranchers and farmers to update branding and report incidents or find grant resources at their fingertips. It will give people a platform to find all the necessary information day and night.

What would say to people in Jim Wells County that say if it’s not broke don’t fix it?

That something doesn’t need to be broken to improve it. Becoming comfortable in our ways is not innovation and many opportunities pass us up. Being a first-time candidate, there are so many people who believe government positions are not for people like me and you. That is a direct effect of being stuck in the same ways, checking the same old box because of the so called “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mindset. Jim Wells needs that shake up and they need to remember we are the government, there is no us vs them. When we want to make a change all we must do is seek it. Change means we want to expand and grow, not that something was done wrong or is broken.

You said in our last conversation that you want accessibility and transparency. How will you implement that?

Accessibility starts with our environment being comfortable and putting us online. I want people to feel they are not a bother. As for transparency, we want to inform the people of our plans and take them with every step of the way. In our current office people do not know what is going on or what the department can do for them. I want people to know what we are doing and how we are doing it. People do not want perfection; it is about being honest with the public and letting them know about everything happening whether its smooth sailing or not. Being open and honest with the public is going to help tremendously with the County Clerk’s office to grow into a department were we can not only modernize but rebuild the relationship between our citizens and those who work for them.

What is your advice for young republicans trying to get involved in Jim Wells County?

Reach for it. Get involved with your local party and believe that you too can be a part of creating greatness in your communities. There are going to be obstacles you will face, some who will say you’re crazy, and that it’s unreachable. But don’t let that impede you from getting involved and speaking up about your passions. As long as you work hard and give it your best you’ve already succeeded. I’m proof of that concept so…go out and do it, speak up, and step up because history is made by people who keep striving for more.

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