The RNHA Endorses Eva Guzman For Texas AG

The RNHA Endorses Eva Guzman For Texas AG
November 6, 2021 Comments Off on The RNHA Endorses Eva Guzman For Texas AG Endorsements, Latest RNHA Endorsement

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is honored to endorse Justice Eva Guzman for Texas Attorney General. Justice Guzman is a history maker and is the first Latina elected in a statewide office in Texas. She is the first Latina to serve on the Texas Supreme Court. As the wife of a veteran police officer, a Texan who grew up in Houston’s East End, Eva’s parents – patriotic to the core — taught her the importance of faith and family. She has devoted much of her time sharing these values and mentoring others, especially children in underserved communities.  Justice Guzman has received recognition from many organizations for her work on behalf of families, children, veterans, and law-related groups. 

Justice Guzman holds a B.BA from the University of Houston and a J.D from South Texas College of Law and an LL.M from Due Law Schools. Her law professor included United States Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito. She is held in such high regard by the Judicial Branch that the U.S Supreme Court named her in one of their opinions.

She is an extremely accomplished Texas Justice who in 2009 earned the 100 Outstanding Women in Leadership Award from Hispanic Women in Leadership. In 2006, Guzman received an invitation from the President to attend the National Hispanic Leadership Summit. In 2013, she received the Leadership Award from the Texas Women Empowerment Foundation.

Guzman was inducted into the Texas Leadership Hall of Fame in 2015. She received the Outstanding Texas Leader Award from the John Ben Shepperd Leadership Institute from the University of Texas Permian Basin that same year. She earned the Outstanding Judicial Service and Leadership Award from the Houston Bar Association Appellate Practice Section in 2016. In 2017 she was listed in the 100 Latino Leaders in Latino Leaders Magazine.

Eva Guzman possesses 22 years of experience in the field of law and an extensive history of serving the community and the people of the Republic. The Texas Attorney General needs to be able to stand up for the Consitution of the United States and protects the God-given freedom that we enjoy in Texas. We need an Attorney General that will protect our 10th Amendment. Eva Guzman is a talented, strong, and capable leader that is prepared to take on the challenges that the Texas Attorney General must face. She is the best individual for the job and we ask that you all join us in voting for her in the election.


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