Blue Lives Matter and Must Stand Above All

Blue Lives Matter and Must Stand Above All
April 22, 2023 Comments Off on Blue Lives Matter and Must Stand Above All Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Diane Rivera López

If ever there was an organization in this present time in our Country, that needed to surface to assist Law Enforcement Officers and their families, it is Blue Lives Matter, Inc., NYC. Their membership consists of people from everywhere walk of a life dedicated to marking a difference and boldly declaring why “BLUE LIVES MATTER”.

The movement grew out from the 2020 riots that targeted Police Officers who fell victim to the crime wave and riots surging from the Antifa and BLM protests that led to an overwhelming number of riots and crime statistics. Blue Lives Matter, INC continues to draw bring attention to the needs and struggles Police Officers and their family face in this great nation.

The Blue Lives Matter INC’s Sixth Annual Archangel gala took place in Nicotras Ballroom in Staten Island, N.Y. State. It was an epic event with several special guests and a host of presenters that inspired and led to an amazing evening headed by their Founders Joseph Imperatrice, Carlos Delgado, and Christopher Brinkley.

They honored officials that had been victims of crisis or the loss of life in the line of work. The members came from various parts of the Nation, as well as Federal and State Agencies and Organizations such as Abigail’s Reach, The Society of Professional Investigators, and more. Among the honorees were the families of the recent loss of lives of Detectives Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera. It was very touching to hear of the firsthand experiences that so many fallen families have lived through in harsh moments when faced with tragedies.

The special guests partook in sharing their concerns and showed their support, among those was, the past Mayor of the City of New York, the Honorable Rudolph Giuliani, which I was able to interview representing the RNHA. He had this to say regarding D.A Alvin Bragg and made the ending of this night memorable, “He is a danger to New York, Bragg enables major violent crime against New Yorkers’.

It’s a disgrace that the Governor and the Mayor, do not have the courage to remove him and this prosecution of Trump is the kind of thing that would happen in a fascist Country, he should be removed by the bar association, if we don’t do something about him, we are going to become a fascist Country.”

It is important that we work together with organizations like Blue Lives Matter and stand with our officers in the daily battle they face to keep our communities safe. 

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Diane Rivera López Diane Rivera López was born and raised in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. As an American – Puerto Rican her extended family has now grown into 8 different Nationalities. Her calling into Ministry began in 1996, where she became a Church leader. She then became a director and writer in Trumpet Tract Ministry, where thousands of tracts were printed and sent across several Nations. She is a community advocate and has served as a community chaplain and evangelist, she has coordinated events, conferences, and outreach services and has taught at prisons and rehabilitation programs. As a speaker she has been interviewed by national T.V programs and news networks as she also had her own T.V Program. As an activist for domestic violence, she works towards creating awareness and sharing her own powerful testimony. She has worked along recognized ministries such as Christian Radio Vision International, Parada del Niño Cristiano, Subete al Arca Christian Magazine, Premios Redención, La Universidad Cristiana and Alerta T.V Network Channel 463 Verizon. Her greatest accomplishment is said to be her experiences and revelations ranging from the Millennium, the Rapture, and the Kingdom of God and is presently working on writing her first book. She studied Communications at BMCC and has credits towards her Bachelor’s in Theology. Following a passion to write, she has written 5 blogs and is a columnist for Al Rojo News, a secular newspaper. Is currently a Primerica Financial Services Representative. In 2013, she was the Deputy Campaign Manager for Mayoral Candidate Erick Salgado, who ran as a Conservative in NY, leaving her position as County Committee Member for the Democratic Party. Her devotion to Conservative Principals has catapulted her to join the National Republican Hispanic Assembly as a Journalist since 2019 and is presently bestowed with the privilege and responsibility to be the Press Secretary for the RNHA of N.Y.