RNHA Interviews Rudolph Giuliani

RNHA Interviews Rudolph Giuliani
April 11, 2023 Comments Off on RNHA Interviews Rudolph Giuliani Latest, Local Politics, RNHA News Articles Diane Rivera López

I had the pleasure of interviewing Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at the Blue Lives Matter, In Gala Event at Nicotras Ballroom in Staten Island, NY. 

The RNHA opposes the weaponization of our judicial system by D.A. Alvin Bragg. What hope is there for N.Y. and our Nation, if George Soros and other Political Leaders continue to interfere with our Political Process?

Well, that is a very good question because I think it’s critical for the future survival of our Country. You know George Soros has been doing this very quietly since 2015. He has taken over maybe 50 or 60 Cities, New York is not the only one and we are not the worst either. He’s destroyed Philadelphia, he’s destroyed St. Louis, he’s destroyed Chicago. What he does, quite frankly is get people killed in order to make us chaotic so that we may become communist, it’s as simple as that. He wants us to become One World, he hates American Nationalism, he hates American Nationalism, why doesn’t he go to hell somewhere else? In any event, he isn’t good, a criminal district attorney, I mean a district attorney, or a criminal in charge of prosecuting criminals and they let him go free.

So, let’s take an example, there is a D.A. in Philadelphia, been there for years, and millions of dollars spent by Soros. Philadelphia set a record for murder 2 years ago, equal to that record last year. Philadelphians are being killed left to right because of Soros. Bragg, crime is up 27% since Bragg started throwing criminals out on the street, to mug us, beat us, and throw us on trains, man is a menace, he is a danger to New York. Bragg is a, enables major violent crimes against New Yorkers. It’s a disgrace that the Governor and the Mayor, don’t have the courage to remove him and this prosecution of Trump is the kind of thing that would happen in a fascist Country, he should be removed by the bar association, if we don’t do something about him, we are going to become a fascist Country.

Now one last question given by Diane Rivera López – Today Ron Desantis was in Queens, and also we just heard of the Indictment of Donald Trump, so how do you think that played out, and should he have even come, here? Because there were a lot of protests, so, what do we do to gather these two individuals?

I want them right now on the same side, they got time later to fight it out. Right now, Ron Desantis should be on the same side, all Republicans should be on the same side. Because Bragg and Soros, don’t just want to do it to Trump, they want to do it to all Republicans. They did it to me, they came after all of us, and we got to stand together.


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